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Comet Ping Pong

Washington, DC

(202) 364-0404

Closed now
5037 Connecticut Ave NW Washington, DC, 20008
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  • James Douglass 6 days ago

    A wonderful place to relax, order interesting personal pizzas, and phenomenal wings!! The staff are friendly and attentive, the ping pong tables in the back are entertaining, and they offer rental space in the back. It's a great late-night bar scene, but also good for families and kids during dinner.

  • Morpheus Orifice 18 days ago

    The food was average but our waiter was gone for what seemed like an eternity, as well as the 2 other waiters I saw. So we got no refills, and choked and scarfed down our food, it was like torture, just sitting there with no help. I was wanting ranch for my bland pizza but no one was there to help me. When they came back from the basement, about 45 minutes later, they were drenched in sweat, which is totally unsanitary. They seemed disinterested in helping us or any of the other tables. PLUS they didn't even notice we had finished our food ages before their return. We just left money on the table. No tip. Would recommend any other pizza place. This place is just plain weird.

  • Itanimulli Enlightened 39 days ago

    Seriously, the pizza is the heaven in mouth. I stopped Here with my friends. Atmosphere Here is specific but awesome. To be honest if you come Here once pizza Here will be the Best pizza you have never eaten. Also try smoked mushroom pizza. And for real do not listen to these outrageously insane, fake news that some freaking things going on here. That is all fake. My aunt has chosen these place to organize the kids birthday party. They sit in main lodges and take their children to play area. She admitted that their children have never been that happy like that evening. They still want more. I am giving all the admire to James Alefantis for running small fantastic business. ~ highly recommended for every pizza lover.

  • Lisa Whelan 44 days ago

    Ww have been coming to Comet Pizza for many years. It is - hands down - our favorite! Pizza is excellent, and the staff is really friendly and accommodating. Try the Steel Wills if you like lots of veggies on your pizza. Don't miss the garlic knots with spicy ranch dip! Great cocktails, too!

  • ZagHell 45 days ago

    Their pastas are amazing but a bit undeveloped. They also hand out handkerchiefs with a map on them connected to pizzas that I love to swipe the cheese after I came out of the place. They are also connected to the local metro through a tunnel for easier access. Their service is unripe though.

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