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Comet Ping Pong

Washington, DC

(202) 364-0404

Closed now
5037 Connecticut Ave NW Washington, DC, 20008
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  • Terrence Chamberlain 37 days ago

    Creepy and weird place, needs to be destroyed, weird stares at kids, not allowed to loiter around, I am beginning to believe pizza gate is real. I asked for a cheese pizza and I got stared at by the owner, I was told this item was only for the 'regulars' , so I ended up taking the veggie option and got a receipt saying 'thank you for your custom, we hope to see you in enjoying our cheese pizzas soon' Very creepy place, wish I could add photos but no phones allowed here!

  • Logan Newman 59 days ago

    Where to start. The service was awful, the "waiter" was running around so fast that it was nearly impossible to get a word in. The first interaction we had was being surrounded by water which was room temperature within minutes.The starters were hit and miss, the risotto bites were pretty good but the meatballs were bland as can be. The pizza, which was the only thing they offer besides salad, was sub-par. I cant think of a time that I've had bad pizza, but this pizza certainly ranks among the lowest if not THE lowest. I could get better pizza from the 5 pizza delivery places around my house for a fraction of the price. The price was quite frankly insulting for the product we received. The ambiance was not bad but felt incomplete. The restrooms were literally hidden, if you did not in now where they were, it would be quite a while before you would find them. There were 3 ping pong tables and 1 foosball table in the back which were crowded with young children. The equipment seemed to be in good order. I would never return here as a paying customer.

  • Tom Moore 64 days ago

    Although the food is responsibly sourced and of good quality, our group of 10 was not really impressed with the pizzas. Their menu items are interesting, but not well executed. However, they get 4 stars because they have soul....and ping pong tables in the back. We got to play a few games and it makes for a fun, relaxing night. We felt comfortable hanging there for a while after we had finished our food. Good selection of beers too.

  • Christine Choi 97 days ago

    Nice, casual, and young atmosphere but not in a pretentious way. This venue is more on the side of casual (as opposed to professional). The dim lighting, ping pong tables, and various seating styles make for a versatile atmosphere and all-around welcoming experience. I went to Comet Ping Pong for a movie screening in the back lounge/space and the speakers were high quality and loud enough to enjoy among others socializing. Would recommend for a social gathering, happy hour after work, hanging with friends, or even renting out the back space for larger events (such as a movie screening). The bar food was average, not particularly great to me. The pizzas are quite small for its price and the garlic knots are not "true" garlic knots (more like bread with some butter and a whisper of garlic). I may go back to try the dining menu, but if you're going for happy hour, just go for the drinks and pass on the food at the bar. Overall a good venue with a casual atmosphere!

  • Earle Douglass 119 days ago

    Comet is a great local hangout, but they do close their kitchen early. Comet is a great place for children earlier in the afternoon, and first dates in the evening. The food is an exploration of pizza that changes seasonally with the exception of the wings that are available year round and the meat falls off the bone. This is a great place to catch up with your neighbors or play some ping pong. I cannot recommend highly enough.

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