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Combee Elementary School

Lakeland, FL
2805 Morgan Combee Rd Lakeland, FL, 33801
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  • Michele Howard 20 days ago

    My children didn't even start at this school yet but im already having a bad experience i have been calling asking about orientation someone at the front desk kept telling me they dont have that information yet and that they will give all the parents a call when they got that information I never received the call never received the email never received a message then I call again and find out that I missed orientation and when I asked to talk to the principal to find out if there will be another orientation she did not even get on the phone but all she had to say to the lady in the front to tell me that the paper I got in the mail tells me everything that I need to do and I did exactly what it told me to do and one of them was to contact the school something I did but still missed orientation because of their lack of communication so because of that I don't even know the dress code or any other information and did you think that they told me anything when I was on the phone no and instead of owning up to it and maybe apologizing all she had to say was the paper in the mail tells you what you need to do and I only rated one star because I wanted to leave a review but I wouldn't even want to leave that i hope there will be better communication throughout the year 😒

  • Abir Bhushan 51 days ago

    this is one of the best school..teachers are very supportive ,they take extra measures for their students acceleration..i am part of chess team..academic many other activities ..bulling is out of one supports it and if any body does that then they really take it seriously..and students are also very nice that it usually never happens. I hope they make it a middle school so that I can stay in this school.

  • Sinara Rios 111 days ago

    As a student that went to this school it was amazing and they have amazing activities and they have a garden and the tomatoes taste amazing when I picked them with my 5th grade teacher my experience here at this school was amazing great school

  • Veneranda Acosta 135 days ago

    Nice school. And the stuff is nice too.

  • Linay Coleman 171 days ago

    It is awesome this school designs stuff and so more awesomeness the teachers are nice the students are wonderful but the greatest thing of all is hanging out and learning with my friends and Combee family

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