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Fort Collins, CO
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  • Chris Bauer 4 days ago

    This university is a lie. Do not waste your money here. They don't even care that I am jobless and homeless. You will work very hard for your education, get an opportunity to work in a lab, have your spirits built, and get crushed by the weight of nepotism and politics. This school is not inviting to all personality types. Introverts are often treated as useless while those who play the system are rewarded with opportunity despite their own shortcomings in productivity and good work. Also, poor people are not welcome. I could only afford to eat every other day during my undergrad and no one gave a damn about me. It's not affordable on any level even though I definitely did work 2 jobs while being a student. Seriously...I starved here. Dangerously underweight to the point that I blacked out from lack of nutrition while walking behind the Zoology building. No one helped me. They just walked on by. I woke up about an hour later. It was the worst moment of my life. To top it off, despite 3 years of great work experience (including very nice references) I can't get a job in my industry because students from better schools beat me out (Davis and NC State). Thanks for the debt CSU. I'm even worse off now and had to give up everything I own. All my possessions are gone except for a $500 rusty pickup truck and my dog. Had to sell everything thanks to a dream that ended up being a lie. This is a real review. CSU DOES NOT CARE ABOUT IT'S STUDENTS!!!!! The story gets even worse, but it doesn't matter anymore. I'm homeless now because of this school (ironic as I also volunteered doing food service at the mission for the homeless on the north end of town). They stole years of my life that I could have spent with my dying dad. I would still be in the exact same place I am now except I wouldn't be filled with regret. CSU truly stole something from me that I can never get back. Is all I wanted was enough to survive on and to help others. I can't believe how let down I am. There's also one thing everyone who reads this needs to know. If you are a white male in the biology and related departments then you have a lot going against you. I knew professors who openly said they didn't want to hire white males and many of the labs that are run by females are entirely female (even saw a lab where a male professor was only hiring and harassing female freshman, really creepy and they were helpless because who else will give young people professional experience?). It was an awful thing to experience. At first I thought my observations were just a coincidence, but when I found out that a professor deliberately worked against a potential hire based on his gender and skin color I knew the university definitely had problems. Don't buy into the fairy tale crap people feed each other about this school. You have to get behind the scenes a little to really understand what's going on at CSU. The problems at this school are endless. Update: I contacted CSU's president's office to ensure that they read my review. I received a generic response and then was ignored. Horrible people here. They're useless and don't care. As long as they have your money, you're garbage to them. They just called me asking for donations too. I'm beginning to wonder if this school is run by con artists.Their largest department, biology, is a disaster and a factory. Don't fill administrator's and careless professor's pockets with money for a worthless piece of paper. You can get paid more without a degree. They're lying if they say otherwise. All my friends who didn't go to college literally make double what I make. Not even joking, no exaggerations necessary. The world just doesn't need the people that CSU trains and takes money from. They'll tell you the exact opposite though and when you're living in your parents house with no future you'll know the truth too. CSU researcher with PhD $45k. My friend who installs security systems and took 5 years to graduate high school $60k. 9 years of expensive college education vs 2 weeks training. What a joke. Be smart on this one.

  • Jeff D 41 days ago

    Taking my son back to CSU. He is finishing up his first year and doing great. Love this school.

  • Leal Matt 110 days ago

    The College of Natural Resources is tops here!

  • Kyle A 198 days ago

    I really enjoyed my time at Colorado State. The University has made significant investments in infrastructure and facility upgrades to make it one of the most beautiful and functional campuses in Colorado. The education I received at the CSU Business School left me very satisfied, and I was able to obtain a job one month before graduation, in part thanks to the strong CSU alumni network in Denver. The city of Fort Collins is very inviting, includes tons of recreational opportunities, and is a wonderful place to live.

  • Hans Landis 261 days ago

    The business school is the best in the state, and has high quality business come recruit. Highly recommended attending this university and enjoy this premier town.

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