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Fort Collins, CO
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  • Chris Bauer 45 days ago

    All the bad reviews about this school are 100% accurate. If you actually care about your career don't attend this school. You don't get any real job training so you're essentially useless to employers. If you actually have an ounce of creativity in you or can come up with an original thought then don't attend this school. The professors will only stifle you and tear you down. If you actually want to have a home, a family, a normal job that pays you fair and gives you vacation time then don't attend this school. They'll only overcharge you for tuition and lock you into a field that doesn't have use in today's world. You'll have debt for life and a meager paycheck. I am a victim of this school's predatory behavior. Don't fall for their trap. My field needs lots of people, we train, we pay more than what the PhDs make at CSU, we don't need a phony degree, and we don't put that nasty pressure or negativity on your plate. Just work hard, learn, improve yourself, and you get to go home at a normal time so you can focus on the better parts of life. Don't let CSU steal your freedom. The truth hurts. This school is garbage.

  • Nicholas Kronshage 50 days ago

    Do you like being forced to take useless classes with under qualified professors who teaches the course poorly and then get mad at the class for performing bad on the test? Do you like being forced to stay in old and falling apart dorms for in obscene price while also having to pay for a required meal plan prepared by students who serve the food equivalent of a twelve year olds cooking skills? Do you want to be called racist by your residence Hall staff because you're a conservative, and then be told it's not enough after you confront them and tell them you are not? How about paying over $600 for a parking pass which they then strip the spaces you payed for permanently, while also making you move your car a mile away in limited spots for game day? What about professors who don't care about their students getting concussions or being diagnosed with mental disorders and your grades suffer because of it? How about online math classes where the "bonus reviews" count as 28% of your grade? Having trouble with one of your professors try contacting the conflict resolution team and wait till they respond at their own convenience, which still hasn't happened. How can you forget about the on campus cops who care more about pulling you over for going 23 in a 20 than the three kids walking by smoking a joint. If any of these apply to you, please come to CSU and enjoy paying loads of money for loads of horse s***. Notice the majority of positive reviews are from parents who graduated from here decades ago or little kids excited to go here. Don't let those reviews hide the real problems.

  • Nguyễn Hữu Thọ 54 days ago

    Colorado State University (also referred to as Colorado State, State, and CSU) is a public research university located in Fort Collins, in the U.S. state of Colorado. The university is the state's land grant university, and the flagship university of the Colorado State University System. Luckily, I have been here in August 2012 and stayed there for 4 months. It was a great time in my life!

  • Morgan Dolak 73 days ago

    regarding the Native American boys being inturrupted from a tour due to white fear and privilege, PLEASE compensate those boys for BOTH TRIPS!! TONY you better give them a gosh darn personalized tour. Officers asked to “check their pockets”? Please. HarrSsment and entitlement.

  • George Bellen 76 days ago

    On March 3rd 2018, the AP reported that Campus police on this university committed serious human rights violations. Without any evidence whatsoever of any wrongdoing, they took aside, frisked and aggressively interrogated 2 brothers who were part of an admission tour, simply because they were Native Americans! How dare they! To make up the damage, the university should officially apologize, fire the police involved, and offer to cover their tuition.

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