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Collin College Courtyard Center

Plano, TX

(972) 985-3790

Open now
4800 Preston Park Boulevard Plano, TX, 75093
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  • cindy janabi 112 days ago

    Worse registration process I experience ever, they don’t know anything keep transited me without any knowledge about registration step until. I lost tow semesters . Awful

  • Jose Martinez Cameron 135 days ago

    Collin college for Jose and Brylea is doctor working been to lunchroom on going hospital use civil war over extradition...🏥📃goodthing but structure are miss you see on constant?🏠

  • Vicious Beauty 140 days ago

    This place has the most annoying financial aid process ever!!! They ask for things no other institution has ever asked for. It’s ridiculous. The website is constantly outdated and the complete registration process is a joke. I don’t understand what they do here and why they require so much personal information. My financial aid has already been approved yet I can’t register even though I have no holds on my account and they are requesting w-2s. Why? I’ve already given you the transcript. The process takes too long. I’ve been trying to register for at least 1 year, I miss deadlines because they always come back asking for ridiculous documents and the website isn’t very informative on deadlines, it’s usually outdated. They need to do better. I’m required to gather up all of this info that I’m sure they don’t need in order for them to give me financial aid that doesn’t even come out of their pockets, then the least they could do is keep the website updated and process things accordingly. Stop giving me the run around. Get it together because it’s starting to look sketchy.

  • Morton GLAZER 253 days ago

    What a wonderful experience in learning Great instructors, interesting Topics/Courses Can’t ever remember looking forward to going to school

  • Mike Young 455 days ago

    You can't beat the price for the quality of education you receive here. In addition to offering traditional college courses, this location has continuing education courses (languages, computers, electrical wiring, etc.) for adults. The building is modern. The faculty are experienced in the subjects that they teach. Many do so to pass along knowledge rather than as their primary means of earning a living. Restrooms are clean. There's a lounge area with vending machines on the second floor. The parking lot is well-lit and there's also an adjacent garage for those who do not want to park outside.

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