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Coleman A. Young Municipal Center

Detroit, MI

(313) 224-3270

Closed now
2 Woodward Ave Detroit, MI, 48226
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  • Dee Mack 44 days ago

    I read a lot of 1 star reviews, mostly talking about the attitude of the workers at CAYMC, it grieves me to know that visitors are not getting treated professionally. Let me just say, not of us are unprofessional, whenever I can offer assistance to a guest, I will do my best.

  • TrueQueen LovingLife 146 days ago

    Why on earth is this building CLOSED on a NonHoliday FRIDAY! The website states that it's open. People are driving here to handle business only to find the GHETTO WORK ETHIC and entitled mentality has reached the very top of our city/county government. So sad for Detroit.

  • Detroiter Girl 168 days ago

    Welcome to Our City! Welcome to Detroit. The lovely City.. The City of Love and Peace. Nothing Stops Detroit

  • Ronald Walker 240 days ago

    Needs a reliable number for each department. Workers don't seem to care about there jobs,because to they always speak and react like they are mad. It's horrible if they we're at my job they would have been let go

  • Manal Alaktam 312 days ago

    Let me tell you a story that sums up this entire place. It was 8am on May 1st, 2017. I was summoned to participate in jury duty that morning. I had lost my summons that I received in the mail, but the lady at the front desk at the Jury Assembly Room kindly asked for some ID so she can find my summons on the computer. I forgot my wallet, but luckily I had my handy dandy U.S. Passport Card on me (paid extra for it). As she was writing down my summons reference number, it somehow made sense to her to ask me "Are you a US citizen?". 2 things here... 1. I just handed her my U.S. passport card... my proof of citizenship. 2. What is the whole point of my being there if I was not a citizen? Jury duty is a citizen's duty. There you have it. The Coleman A. Young municipal center in a nutshell.

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