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Coldtowne Theater

Austin, TX

(512) 814-8696

Closed now
4803 Airport Blvd Austin, TX, 78751
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  • Matthias Brockington 37 days ago

    OMG. This place is better than Heaven.

  • Taylor Foreman 69 days ago

    Signed up for improv classes on a whim and really glad I did. It's been super fun, good for me and I've been going to lots of really good--even surprisingly good--shows many nights of the week. I love the culture and the people. I only wish I would have signed up sooner.

  • Rachael Boone 84 days ago

    After reserving a ticket for my friend, my husband and I sat down and I placed my purse in the chair next to us. As the theater became overcrowded it became clear there were NOT enough seats. After adding more seats, which meant pushing us so far into a corner that we couldn't hardly see the stage, I moved my purse to a different chair to save for my friend. Long story short, a manager YELLED at me in front of everyone "NO! You can't save seats! I just added those!!!Your saving this seat for who!!? Is she here right now!!? Then she doesn't have a seat! What!?? Is she in the bathroom or something?!? If she isn't here then you can't save a seat!!!!!" I am a very quiet person and have frequent anxiety attacks so I barely managed to get out "Ticket at front desk". I was so upset. I felt terrible and humiliated. Then angry for being yelled at especially since I had paid for all 3 of us and it was their fault for not providing enough seats for everyone. I WISH I would have yelled back "Don't sell tickets if you don't have seats jerk!" I will never go here again. Worst customer service ever. Worst ever. My friend walked in 2 mins later.

  • Sebastián Antúnez 112 days ago

    Nice cozy little theater. Went to an open mic where we saw up and coming artists. Most of them were really funny! The best part is you can byob!

  • Douglas Eaton-Landis 165 days ago

    Great comedy 7 nights a week! Chicago-style Improv, stand up comedy and sketch comedy. Yes, they have classes!

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