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Phoenix, AZ

(602) 688-2825

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1027 E Washington St #107 Phoenix, AZ, 85034
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  • Steve Lopez 6 days ago

    We used CO+HOOTS 3 times during our recent market launch in Phoenix. The space was great for our meetings and perfect for our needs. The staff was very accommodating to our needs , and simply amazing!

  • Steven Rudolph 295 days ago

    Co+Hoots was a life-saver for me. I showed up in Phoenix with one contact and a need to get my start up off the ground. The best advice I got: get a desk Co+Hoots first, then figure out where you'll live, etc. And that's what I did. In minutes I had a desk, in days I had direction, in weeks a supportive community. The owners, Jenny and Odeen, and the co-working members went out of their way to provide guidance, tips, and even professional services that nurtured my business from zero to stability--to investment. You won't find a better space in Phoenix where the people are this conscientious, and eager to help you succeed. Come check it out--you'll be deeply impressed.

  • Aaron Kes 301 days ago

    Co+Hoots is the best corking space you will find! The space itself is great. It has a great feel and excellent amenities. I mean, it has a shower if you ride your bike! Most of all though, the other people here are great. Everyone is friendly and helpful. So many different people here end up working together or at least hanging out together. As a bonus, they hold a ton of educational events too! Perfect place for your business if you're looking for cool people as well as a great space.

  • Stephen Orsini 425 days ago

    Boy ... this place is pretty amazing. Very diverse, friendly, down-to-earth environment. One of the owners, Odeen; is willing to do anything to accommodate you ... I just overheard him suggest moving a wall for a fellow COHOOTIAN?! Seriously though ... too many great things to list, but one of those is Beer:30, with a couple stellar offerings from a great local brewery (Wren House) ... free beer on Friday afternoon for members. If you're thinking of coming in - definitely give it a shot. You can try a day for free ... and if that day is Friday, well, then you also get free beer (I think - don't quote me ... I'll delete this post ...)

  • Jacob Meltzer 608 days ago

    I own a local chain of men's hair shops, but surprise! I don't actually know how to cut hair. I spend my time working on the business as oppose to in the business, which means I need a place to get work done away from the staff. I joined CO+HOOTS as both a workspace, as well as a place to meet others who I can share ideas with and gain energy from. Since joining my productivity has greatly increased. Having a place where I can go outside of my home and hair shops keeps me focused and on task. For example, when I am at CO+HOOTS there is much less temptation to take a "Game of Thrones" break (or marathon) in the middle of my work day. Its been more than just a workspace though. For example, I have attended several free events they set up for members to share their talents with other members. The last couple weeks I attended two sessions on improving your social marketing that have really helped me. Lastly, but not leastly, it's a wonderful community of people. I have met many other professionals who are in a similar start up or small business sphere that I am. Being able to share ideas has been both energizing for me and helpful to both myself and others I collaborated with.

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