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2908 S Christopher Columbus Blvd Philadelphia, PA, 19148
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  • Angel Palmer Today

    Very unprofessional went and girl doing lap dance we left with suck marks very pissed off will never go again I didn't pay for suck marks

  • Malani Sparks 14 days ago

    I had a fun time and the girls are fun but one of them gave me incorrect change for my $30 & wouldn't answer me when I asked her about it before she walked away. I understand that lap dances obviously cost money, but the price should be told beforehand. My friend got suckered out of $25 for a lap dance she didn't ask for. That's ridiculous, and I probably won't be coming back anytime soon.

  • Lucille Bishop 21 days ago

    Me and my three friends went there 2 weeks ago and had such a great time and they took great pictures of us with the girls!

  • shayla chatman 47 days ago

    I won a free party for my birthday and was told I'd receive a free bottle VIP table and 10.00 before 11. Welllllll I got to onxy on time and had to wait in line for 30 minutes . They should have a special line for VIP members. So when my party finally got in it was 20 instead of 10.then a free bottle that I was supposed to receive was a complimentary bottle of Sutter home wine smh!!!and then a VIP table I was supposed to receive was a bunch of chairsand they say just sit wherever you want.then we went to the bar to order a drink and there was no bartender and then one finally came up and she just looked at us like we were I proceeded to say something to the bouncer and he was rude!!! He told me that the manager was walking up in a bouncer was talking to the manager and never told the manager I needed to speak to him.and when I said something to the bouncer the bouncers it while he was standing there you didn't say nothing.The whole experience was unprofessional and rude and I will never be back there again 😡😡😡😡I think they are scam artists that promote one thing and do another and that's not business.

  • Lovey Crowder 83 days ago

    Never been my daughter and nieces and nephews went they have thieves in there and they dont care the security sucks all this money they making but they cant beef up security or get cameras so when ppl do take ppl stuff u can find out who smh....

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