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Club David

Sioux Falls, SD

(605) 274-0700

214 W 10th St Sioux Falls, SD, 57104
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  • Katherine Effinger 98 days ago

    $1 pool, rent cue ball with your ID. Drinks are cheap and service is fast. Be prepared to get a good lng stare-down by all the regulars.

  • Estelle Veronika 115 days ago

    The bartender is gay and he makes the best drinks all gay men need to be bartenders lol and their entire top deck is awesome too

  • Casey Kelderman 115 days ago

    Went to a screening of one their films, which was a decent experience film aside. While we were waiting on the film we went to the top level bar and ask for 2 waters. The waiter was terribly rude and said sarcastically "how exciting." When he returned he told us exactly, "for future reference you will pay for water unless you're drinking". Was one of the most rude bartenders I've ever had, and started off our evening on a sour note.

  • Jonathon Jennings 154 days ago

    A gay friendly place to grab a drink. Tom on top bar makes strong drinks 😆👌

  • Chris Trefz 200 days ago

    Great rooftop bar, not a whole lot else going for it. The main bartender either hates his life or thinks he works at Dick's Last Resort. This place used to be a lot more fun but I think it must suffer from poor ownership.

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