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Clark College

Vancouver, WA
1933 Fort Vancouver Way Vancouver, WA, 98663
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  • Nathan B. 36 days ago

    Clark College is fulfilling the American dream every day. It is a place where anyone can get an affordable education no matter their background. Helpful staff, caring professors, and beautiful campus.

  • Dakota Wright 40 days ago

    Very liberal staff that only teach one side of a situation. They allow students to use feelings rather than facts. Not the kind of school my wife and I want to be a part of. I lost count how many times I was called a Nazi or a racist while at Clark College. This school is a disgrace to education and I hope that it gets a wake-up call.

  • fuk ursefl 61 days ago

    This school is a web of intricate lies. It's all apparent when you enter Gaiser Hall and take a look anywhere else. Gaiser Hall looks nice, inside and out. But if you take a step anywhere else, you will see both dull and nice looking buildings. These are lies. They are all dull on the inside. I can't believe they would trick their students and staff with this. Buildings that look architecturally neato on the outside should look equally neato on the inside. No. These monsters have tricked everyone. Each building looks equally dull. I can't believe they got away with this. Oh yeah, the teachers and classes are alright I guess, if you're into that.

  • rebecca stefan 119 days ago

    When I was a new student I felt completely overwhelmed and confused. I didn’t receive a lot of help from the counselors or academic advisors. I struggled to find out how to complete financial aid and find out how and where to register. Also some of the classes are a complete waste of time. I probably signed up for the wrong classes so that’s on me, but I didn’t learn a single thing, and wasn’t challenged at all in some of the classes I took.

  • Drew Griffin 182 days ago

    This school's a scam. Overpriced. They have zero online classes available an hour after registration begins. That's unacceptable. And offering a class called "white privilege" What kind ignorant system thinks that's okay? A lot of the staff is really great, and my teachers were top notch. That's the only reason I can give 2 stars.

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