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1933 Fort Vancouver Way Vancouver, WA, 98663
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  • jeffrey martinez 38 days ago

    I don't think the office staff know what they're talking about half the time. Everytime I saw a counselor, I was told 3 different things. Really ruined my experience. Most of the teachers are great, and the financial aid office is very helpful.

  • Michael Butler 56 days ago

    Spent time at a major university prior to attending here and have had a wonderful experience in comparison. The advising here is much more helpful and has me on a much more reasonable track towards graduation.

  • Lindsey Lockwood 271 days ago

    I have really enjoyed attending Clark college. I've taken lots of different classes and never had one that I felt the teacher was inadequate or didn't care about the students. Everyone is fantastic. If you need help, people will go the distance you just need to ask. It can be hard to navigate the administrative side with financial aide and whatnot, but if you're not afraid to ask questions you can find people to help you with any problems that arise. My only complaint is the parking during peak hours, I really wish they would remedy that.

  • Spiral Kipz 288 days ago

    The facilities here are really nice and in the Spring the cherry blossoms are beautiful. There are some great teachers here and the faculty are mostly good. The higher-ups are also extremely friendly and dedicated to their jobs for bettering the student experience.

  • Jeffrey Anderson 303 days ago

    I took some Computer Science classes here a couple years ago. All my teachers were super helpful and the classes were really well done. A ton of hands on labs, a ton of group work, and I learned a lot. After taking a lot of online classes on my own, I work doing pretty relevant stuff.

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