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900 Wabash Ave Terre Haute, IN, 47807
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  • Nancy Gile 712 days ago

    We love Clabber Girl but I was very disappointed when going in to get some history facts for a student who lived in Rhode Island. We had to mail out history things for him from our state and the day we were able to visit Clabber Girl was the day before everything was to be mailed to Rhode Island. It was 5pm and we had toured around the museum, we saw some people in the restaurant so we went in to look around. We saw some post cards and picked one up to purchase. The girl behind the counter told us they were closed, I explained to her that we just wanted a 50 cent post card and if she could just take the 50 cents for it. She told us no to come back, I explained that we weren't able to come back as we needed it to mail out the next day, she said I'm sorry but I can't sell it to you. It was just a 50 cent post card! If the restaurant was closed, we shouldn't have been allowed in there at all. We were very disappointed and didn't think it was a very friendly atmosphere. Leaving a note telling an employer someone wanted to buy a post card would have been against a policy of some sort? Everyone always has to make things so difficult.

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