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City University of Seattle

Seattle, WA

(888) 422-4898

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521 Wall St Seattle, WA, 98121
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  • Scott Pursley 287 days ago

    Got my MBA here. First job was in Brand Mgt at Procter & Gamble. I owe a lot to City U.

  • Jon L. 409 days ago

    The City University of Seattle never answered my questions regarding graduate admissions and disability services. It is extremely difficult, if not impossible, to get any answers as a prospective graduate applicant. The City University of Seattle is unprofessional. What a waste of my time!

  • Mark Gross 857 days ago

    Professional teachers who actually work in the field they teach. Very well planned curriculum and courses. Terrific opportunities for working adults and full time students.

  • Savanna Kraft 1007 days ago

    Save your money and find somewhere else to take classes. My first class wasn't awful but second class is a bloody disaster. I'm transferring out ASAP. I've had to complain and complain and email and email more than I should ever have to get the right information, it's been a complete disaster. I cannot believe that I paid over $2,000 for this crap excuse for a class. I could have done just as much good learning on my own by reading the book and doing all of the quizzes in the book.

  • James Thomas 2427 days ago

    I got my MBA from this school and it was great! I took both in class and online courses to fit my schedule. It was a tough program, but which one isn't. I can't understand why someone would bash the place, if it's a joke, why didn't this person graduate? Anyway, the school is opening a new downtown Seattle campus which will complement its many international sites and opportunities. It's a young university founded in 1973 so it does not yet have to "tradition" of the more established/older local universities but is still very good. City U is one of just a handful of schools around the globe that is accredited by the Project Management Institute (PMI) on top of regional accreditation. I'm very happy I went here. I was able to take an exec ed program at Harvard a few years later, so if Harvard doesn't have a problem with City U, why should some anonymous user?

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