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City University of Seattle

Seattle, WA

(888) 422-4898

Open now

(888) 422-4898

Open now
521 Wall St Seattle, WA, 98121
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  • Triet Lam 66 days ago

    Not bad....

  • Savanna Kraft 68 days ago

    Save your money and find somewhere else to take classes. My first class wasn't awful but second class is a bloody disaster. I'm transferring out ASAP. I've had to complain and complain and email and email more than I should ever have to get the right information, it's been a complete disaster. I cannot believe that I paid over $2,000 for this crap excuse for a class. I could have done just as much good learning on my own by reading the book and doing all of the quizzes in the book.

  • Tania L. Yáñez 219 days ago

    Great online classes!

  • Gabriella Deslauriers 655 days ago

    Overall City University of Seattle is a great school! Professors are very knowledgeable and helpful! I just got my MBA in project management.

  • James Thomas 1487 days ago

    I got my MBA from this school and it was great! I took both in class and online courses to fit my schedule. It was a tough program, but which one isn't. I can't understand why someone would bash the place, if it's a joke, why didn't this person graduate? Anyway, the school is opening a new downtown Seattle campus which will complement its many international sites and opportunities. It's a young university founded in 1973 so it does not yet have to "tradition" of the more established/older local universities but is still very good. City U is one of just a handful of schools around the globe that is accredited by the Project Management Institute (PMI) on top of regional accreditation. I'm very happy I went here. I was able to take an exec ed program at Harvard a few years later, so if Harvard doesn't have a problem with City U, why should some anonymous user?

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