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65 Civic Avenue Pittsburg, CA, 94565
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  • Don Summers 12 days ago

    As unfortunate as it is. Thete is a lot of trash. All over most of the time

  • Kyle Terry 26 days ago

    I love this place. Been going here for years. They have a great basketball court. Someone should sweep up the leaves or leave a broom to do so there but other than that, a great park.

  • Mario Montgomery 28 days ago

    Great park to exercise and get healthy.

  • Saucybandz OTB 173 days ago

    best park for basketball theres always run around 3

  • Rey Jaraba 462 days ago

    This soccer field was an old beat up turf field with tree branches all over the side areas. The field itself was so small. The goalie could kick it to the other side with maybe two bounces. Not fan of bunch ball when the field is this tiny. There was a bum that screamed at the team as they played. That's nice. The ref said he couldn't do anything unless there was an actual threat. So we had a screaming homeless guy calling plays for the whole game. The only positive is the field is surrounded with a iron fence so it was more like indoor soccer. No chasing balls.

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