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Cities Restaurant and Lounge

Washington, DC


Closed now
1909 K St NW Washington, DC, 20006
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  • Bri 9 days ago

    The bartender charged an unauthorized tip on my card on May 14, 2017. It is unethical and illegal. The white man with gray hair who was at the first bar, at the entrance, authorized a 20% tip. I had intended on leaving him a tip because I appreciated the service, but when I received my receipt, I saw that he had already given himself a tip. I signed for him to have the tip since it was less than what he would have received but, nonetheless, this needs to be brought to the business' attention. My friend was also charged an unauthorized tip and didn't realize it until I later brought it to her attention. Auditing them may reveal that many people are targeted by this type of behavior. (Some of the reviews below also point this out. I reported this to the Better Business Bureau and filed a complaint with the DC Consumer Affairs Office).

  • Jonathan Collum 12 days ago

    This place was skeezy at best and deplorable at worst. When we walked in it reeked of pot inside the restaurant. We were there for happy hour in a back bar but we didn't see service so we went to the front bar. The somewhat quirky bartender informed us that the back bar was indeed open and to look for "a cute Asian girl." We returned to the back and found said bartender only to be informed that the back bar didn't have happy hour prices. At this point I was frustrated enough to just buy my drinks without discount. The decor is some mishmash of the last 4 places that probably shared that space. We had some appetizers which were pretty good including the hummus and sliders. We didn't stay much longer after that.

  • Jem Salazar 37 days ago

    For my first time going to a club, it was an amazing place to party! It wasn't as obnoxious as I thought it would be. Go on Sundays!

  • Fernando Galvan 120 days ago

    We just left this place and we really enjoyed it. They had a live band playing smooth jazz and the bartender/wait staff were really attentive. The crowd here was very laid back. I went in with my wife and my father (who is in his mid 50's) and we felt right at home. We enjoyed a hookah and my dad ordered the Bob Marley drink which was really cool looking.

  • J Rose 159 days ago

    So I went here on a Saturday night like 6 months ago and it was somewhat ratchet and I vowed not to return... But last week it was cold outside and a friend and I needed to kill sometime before meeting other friends, so I was like maybe happy hour won't be so bad plus were only going to have one quick drink. My mind was completely changed from my first experience. It was a really nice spot. I'd definitely go to happy hour here again.

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