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1917 Liberty Dr Midland, TX, 79706
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  • Jeanette Sanchez 4 days ago

    My family and my sons family all went to have a movie night, we were going to see Fist Fight everyone one was of age expect my 10 month grandson who was about to fall asleep, not only had we already bought our tickets we ordered about a $100 in food. So rudley were we told of the "Policy" by a supervisor that our baby could not go in .. I explained my 10 month old was about to fall asleep and seriously had no idea what was going on. It was so ridiculous and embarrassing we asked to speak to the manager and the manager came over & once again said its "policy" in a smug voice. I said i will have to return all that i purchased he just started returning everything with no communication and was whispering to supervisor. Me and my family received the worst treatment. and yall lost out on $150 .. not only bad business practice but you lost a loyal guest!!!

  • Tamara Moran 21 days ago

    You should train your employees better. Before we went to the movie theater i call to ask to see at what age kids start paying for admission and they told me 3 to 11. My son he is 2. When we got there my husband ask for 2 adults for no reason your employee charge me for my son. The good think is that i notice and i told her why she was charging me for my son i call before and they told me 3 and up pay admission i told her that my son is 2 years old. HER ANSWER WAS I HOPE I DON'T GET IN TROUBLE. Why is she gonna get it trouble if she was properly trained she should already know that at what age kids pay admission.

  • Reymundo Galvan Jr. 28 days ago

    Big and playful. Seating is great. Food is awesome. Beer! Games.....clean. I like to go and have fun with my wife. We enjoy the place. Bathroom's are neat.

  • Damon Vinciguerra 34 days ago

    I wish it were Alamo Draft House :( That's what I'm comparing it to, and it doesn't live up to the example. I guess if you've never been to an Alamo, it's appears to be fun. Good news: last time I went I got a free Death Star with my medium popcorn.

  • Jesse Castillo 38 days ago

    This is the best movie theater in the West Texas and Big Bend areas. The bad reviews are mostly petty and unwarranted. The movie seating is great, laser tag is fun, there are fun video games, and other activities. I will update my review when I try the food.

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