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Church of Scientology Celebrity Centre International

Hollywood, CA
5930 Franklin Ave Hollywood, CA, 90028
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  • Kristy Lisa K. 47 days ago

    I was first invited here by a friend because I was really looking for any therapy that could possibly help my mom. I had grown up with a verbally abusive father and my mom had to tolerate about 25 years of abuse. My friend didn't tell me she was inviting me to Scientology but I honestly didn't really care because when I got there it's just a normal building with friendly staff. I was pretty skeptical at first though. I grew up with a Roman Catholic backing so I'm naturally cautious. But this religion has no conflict of interest whatsoever. In fact Scientology teaches to respect all other creeds and religious beliefs. They even have moral principles called The Way To Happiness. I don't know why so many people post weird things about this church. I honestly think they've never walked in and took a look for themselves. I was pleasantly surprised with how effective this therapy was for my mother. The Dianetic therapy gave me back my mom. She was more coherent, happy and more like herself again after a single session. Today is about 7 years since finding Scientology and my family and I are living a a better life thanks to the philosophy. I would recommend this place to anyone who is sincerely striving for more out of life. My mom is really happy and grateful we found this life improving philosophy.

  • D Gonzalez 54 days ago

    I actually enjoyed the first few “life improvement” courses. However, they’re clearly motivated by money and it ruined my whole experience in a heart beat. I clearly stated when I felt like stopping and the old lady (as nice as she was) insisted on putting me on some “pathway to spiritual freedom “ that would just keep me going?? It wasn’t until I started Dianetics that I lost interest. Dianetics just didn’t interest me🙌🏽 That only made the next lady more pushy and annoying. She would stop me ALL THE TIME because she “observed certain behaviors” while I was reading?? What don’t you like about it? What don’t you get? I would keep saying it didn’t apply to me or my life like the leadership course, relationships, confidence course. But I was trying to concentrate!!! They demand you turn off your phone! (Nope! I kept mine on!) The lady sent me a text message TELLING me to come in, not even asking. Boy did I let her have it! “Please don’t assume I’m free!” The whole reason I even went there was because of their acting courses. The new lady DIDN’t like the fact that I came one day less because I attended the acting class???? I told her THATS THE WHOLE REASON I CAME HERE!! I don’t regret coming here, but it doesn’t change the fact that I left on not so good terms. Pestering calls have not stopped! They do behave like a cult! They tried to get me to work there and stated that they make commission off classes sold. Yet a previous guy told me they don’t make commission??

  • Carla Dorivinot 75 days ago

    I really wish I enjoyed being broke, misinformed, and content with abandoning my loved ones for having different views, because then this lifestyle would be a perfect fit for me. Unfortunately I enjoy my financial stability, education, and staying connected with my broadly diverse family and friends too much to ever consider joining a deceitful cult that would aim to take those things away from me.

  • Maria Webb 121 days ago

    I m totally impressed with their service, their hospitality and their willing to do everything possible to provide the best service. The staff were very attend to what we needed and very helpful. A really elegant, classy place.

  • Kelsea Polk 139 days ago

    Beautiful, incredible place to be. I was there New Years last year. Magnificent Staff, very helpful. One of my favorite places to be.

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