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5343 Northlake Blvd Palm Beach Gardens, FL, 33418
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  • Tim Feld 92 days ago

    Recently I was hired by Christ Fellowship in West Palm Beach to do photo booth for the Halloween block party. As I was pulling out from unloading my booth I ran over a nail and popped my tire. I drive about 1/2 to park and realized my tire was flat. When I got back to the church I told Erica what happened. Andy the Pastor came down and said he would go put my spare tire on my car. I gave him the key to my car and told him what street it was on. 45 minutes later he came back and said you are all set. Honestly that was the nicest thing somebody has ever done for me since I moved to Florida in 2006. Andy was incredibly nice and willing to help. Just wanted to share my experience with Andy and Christ Fellowship in West Palm Beach. Thank you Andy!

  • Wendy B 307 days ago

    I've been going to CF since around 2007. I used to go to Northlake but switched to Royal Palm. Pros : location --- Cons : One of my problems with this church is around Christmas time when that start going hard core for the "Christ birthday fund" donations they have a woman who runs a children's home who had told the exact same story, for the last 3 years, to each service (mind you they have 2 Saturday night and 4 Sunday services) --- that's 6 times a year. She tells the same story and the tears start to flow. I'm pretty sure if I told the same story 18 times I would not start crying at the same spot each time. I feel that they do do great work with helping the needy and digging water wells in impoverished areas etc. but I also feel that they are a little rambunctious with asking for money. Their Memorial Day or 4th of July services are usually military personnel in uniform on stage.

  • Haley Erin Roose 457 days ago

    The Church is as someone on here said, judgmental. I gave two stars because they push giving to the church more then I have learned actual bible study. I have seen things behind closed doors that would turn anyone off. I know i takes money to function but it should not be your center piece. There are a few people that are in leadership positions that should not be interfacing with people period. If you don't know how to talk to someone and instead talk down on your volunteers, I would say that is a issue. I was once told that they were promoting the church as a "brand". For them it's a money making business. If they spent more money truely helping people and less on the showboating gimics, they would accomplish much more.

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