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  • Brandon Fraser 165 days ago

    I spent years as a technology hobbyist and decided that I did not want to follow a career in customer service, sales or business. I then spent many months researching the fastest ways to break into an industry. Centriq came highly recommended from my corporate IT connections. Though it was the most expensive investment in my life it has also been the most life changing experience in my life. It rounded out my knowledge, gave me heat seeking focus, prepared me for the professional world of IT giving me confidence and finally gave my resume the notoriety to get me into interviews. Centriqs reputation may be the most powerful thing about them. About halfway through the IT Admin program I decided that the absolute most I could chew off with my current experience and training was a Jr. Systems Engineer position. Before I graduated I accepted a position in the Ericsson NOC in Overland Park. After 3 months I moved to Netsmart Technologies accepting a position as a Systems Support Engineer where I currently reside. I have doubled my past years salary. Did you hear that? Doubled. Now, the loans I incurred are massive but I am making payments over double the amount of the minimum payment and plan to be debt free within 2 years. I cannot stress enough how much I have grown from Centriq. Get on your grind and take what you in this world.

  • Arturo morales 188 days ago

    great training was provided for me, I was able to quickly learn the topics that held important to me!! I have come back to learn and refresh IT courses.

  • Caleb Christopher 270 days ago

    I did their career track and I'm happily employed in my new IT career (I switched in less than 4 months!). Great people/facilities and alumni support. I'm happy to explain the experience to anyone who asks.

  • Morgan Thomas 277 days ago

    TL;DR: Centriq was fantastic and the teachers there realy care about your success in the program. Completely worth it if you are willing to put in the time. :) I started out as a Pre-K Teacher but really wanted to work with computers. I didn't want to go back to school for another 4 years so I ended up going to Centriq after the success my husband had going through the Admin Side. I went through the Developer Side and have never been happier in my new job. It was intense, but if you put in the hard work it really pays off. The teachers at Centriq are really invested in the program and both my Husband and I can attest to it's success. He has been in his new job for 3 years, and I have been at mine for 2. We have now had 5 Friends/Family Members go through the program and they are all happy at their new jobs as well. Centriq is completely worth the money if you are serious about breaking into the IT World.

  • Dorian Famuliner 601 days ago

    I'll keep this short and sweet, because if you're considering Centriq you most likely like it that way. First of all, there is not a more involved staff in their students success than Centriq. I personally went the community college route and never ended up finishing because the classes were long, and quite honestly I would learn maybe one chapter of a book in a week, sometimes two weeks? Centriq is not for the slow paced, but it is for those who are ready and willing to work. Centriq from the moment you set foot in the door is committed to you success giving you every tool you will ever need and responding to any questions you have almost immediately. Nearly every instructor at Centriq gave out their personal cell phone number to call them if you had a question, but they would not just give you the answers. They would help you troubleshoot until you found the answer on your own which engraves that information to your brain. They are well respected around the area and actually know what they are doing. It is a brain dump, but if you are willing to work there is no better decision than to come to Centriq. Thanks Centriq, you changed my life for the better.

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