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Central Arizona College

Coolidge, AZ
85228, 8470 N Overfield Rd Coolidge, AZ, 85128
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  • Michael Lang 53 days ago

    Racist campus security beat the hell out of my buddy. I'm sure the school, being in Arizona, will just give him paid leave for the last month of the school year and reinstate him, probably with special recognition for a job well done. Find somewhere else to go to school if you're not white.

  • Rebecca Dyball 54 days ago

    Officer Terry assaulted a student on this campus the other day. He slammed his head into the wall after the student agreed to cooperate with him. The student was sent to the hospital and had to recieve stitches in his head due to the wounds the officer caused. This officer racially profiled the student and used excessive and unnecessary force. Complete abuse of power. Very dissapointing that stuff like this is still happening

  • Kai M 55 days ago

    Officer Fhanafelt just smashed my 19 year old BLACK son (who is there on Track n Field) into a brick wall AFTER having both his hands behind his back... so basically for no reason. Police Brutality on the black students. Nice. Oh yes, my son was skateboarding... that was his “crime”

  • Stephanie Heath 127 days ago

    Horrible. Horrible. My husband was dropped from classes he was attending even though the teachers reported him as there.... finally fixed by going to the Office of the President... don’t have books available for a class for for 3 weeks... financial aid refunds get messed up bc their computer system or program or whatever is all messed up and the only answer is “We don’t know”... and “could be up to 3 weeks or more to be corrected”. Funny that their systems are able to accept tuition payments with no problem...

  • Senat Baggins 150 days ago

    Decent enough education for the price, would recommend going literally anywhere else though. Unless you want a certificate in trade jobs you will be better off at other community colleges or universities. Classes are typically up in the air and their systems have changed rapidly without warning, not to mention that their so called "Scholarship for the Future" program has changed so it no longer covers credits if you receive federal aid or or any other form of help. Its sad to see a such a local step up college become unaffordable and unhelpful.

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