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Castillero Middle School

San Jose, CA
6384 Leyland Park Dr San Jose, CA, 95120
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  • AAL ArmArayik Life 75 days ago

    Amazing school, AMAZING 😉 TEACHERS especially MRS. PHINNEY and MRS. HASS so sad that I am already 7th I have to leave next year after 8th grade 😭

  • Fluftapster 106 days ago

    It's dangerous to go alone in the halls! Take this pencil and throw it at the celling. I love the sense of adventure

  • Ebru Haritaoglu 193 days ago

    This is a great school. Performing Arts are great. So sad to be moving away

  • Peter S. 251 days ago

    Terrible "show-off" teachers and faculty (especially the male PE teachers), bad business decisions (even though the school was running out of money for certain performance arts classes, you know, the ones you come to this school for, they still bought a bunch of hamster balls for the end of the year party), overcrowded conditions (because they bus in a crap ton of kids from downtown), and incessant, unnoticed bullying and harassment. The only reason why I'm giving this review two stars is because there were some teachers I thought were great, but those teachers are the only positives about this school, and there aren't actually many of those previously mentioned "great teachers". I really should've gone to Leland or John Muir.

  • Jacob Lazen 271 days ago

    Hue Hue Hue Hue Hue Hue Hue Hue Hue Hue. Japanese Patrick star is the place with the helpful hardware folks. Grow a Mustache and shave it off, donate it to charity. If you eat corn flakes. Mr. Chris P. Bacon was great. 10/10 IGN

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