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Casselman's Bar and Venue

Denver, CO

(720) 242-8923

2620 Walnut St Denver, CO, 80205
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  • Trevor Bates 986 days ago

    This place really needs a management overhaul based on comments on here and mine last nine. Cool space but they had 5 barman for a sold out event... result was 20 mins to get a drink... think of all the extra money they could of made with 10 barman, which is what it needed. Who wants to go out for an event and spend that much time in line for a drink?

  • Tanya Cardwell 987 days ago

    Dee is an inattentive bar tender. She failed to look up from the bar to see who was in line for 15 minutes, or 30 seconds. She took a half dozen people before noticing me. Then she only took one item in my order. I planned to get multiple things including food, then she moved along to the next person. When I waited AGAIN to order the rest of my drinks, she said she's too busy for me. Come again? You never took my full order. Look up. Make eye contact. Not sufficient bar tenders. Totally unprofessional.

  • Kelsie Bauer 1188 days ago

    Doors opened at 8 for a show that started at 9, we got there around 8:15 expecting that we wouldn't get great spot to stand but figured that would be the worst wrath we encountered for being late. Instead we didn't get into the venue until the first two sets were over, maybe some more ticket takers at the front? I dunno, do something though because the poor guy was obviously in over his head or just hated everyone in the line and wanted them to pay. I was very impressed that they were able to successfully shove roughly 1500 people into this area that I would expect to exhaust its fire safety capacity at 800. Obviously this made the show better as the mass of adults standing this close to one another resulted in steam that I was convinced was a smoke machine put on in an ironic way by the acoustic set I was seeing. It was also great because anyone under 5'2 passed out so I got to shuffle closer to the front.. YAY! ( Also great because people that got in line a bit after me were still coming in half way through the set.) They are also SUPER Eco-conscious here which I very much respect, three girls passed out around me before a fan and what I suspect was the A/C turned on. Casselman's has a great set up and cool bartenders that real friendly, I suggest coming here when no shows are playing and you can just hang out with the bartenders and be friends with them. Tragically unimpressed by what I assumed would be the best show I'd been to in a long time. Maybe come here too if a super tiny band is playing so that you can enjoy this beautiful space properly, great set up for intimate shows!

  • Jason Decker 1724 days ago

    Probably my favorite indoor music venue in Denver. The sound is great. They have a nice lounge area away from the music too. Drink prices are definitely steep. They need more drink specials.

  • Specialtyleds ledjbooth 1753 days ago

    brought the entertainment to this venue - had never been there before and wasn't expecting much since we have been all around the downtown Denver scene for some time now having lived in Colorado for over 16 years. Showed up - this place is legit! Classy, yet hardcore party's! Very spacious, secure, and modern. The management definitely keeps a tight schedule and everyone does their jobs. We felt very special and honored that Casselman's Bar and Venue let our LEDjBooth inside for the lighting entertainment during Pretty Lights set. Both us and the 1500+ capacity crowd loved it.

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