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Career Academy of Beauty

Garden Grove, CA

(714) 897-3010

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12471 Valley View St Garden Grove, CA, 92845
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  • Jessica Ignacio-Mesa 139 days ago

    I had a balayage, cut and nails done a few years ago and I was SOOO happy with the outcome. 1 year later I attempted another balayage and it came out absolutely opposite from what I requested. It was more highlights than anything else and the color was NOT what I wanted. The teacher left midway thru the treatment, so the consistency of what I was asked wasn't correctly coached on (in my opinion). I don't plan on returning here in the future.

  • Ashley Rosas 186 days ago

    STUDENT REVIEW (esthetician):horrible experience!! My experience at this school was not what I thought it would be. My freshman teacher I had was amazing and goes out of her way for students I love her but, the senior teacher (Mrs. Christina) is the most unprofessional teacher. For starters she plays favorites and you can tell when she is having a bad day because she takes it out on students. I had an incident with her where she became upset with me because I reported issues to the director about her and she did not handle the situation in a professional matter at all she got up in my face and was harassing me getting way to close. She also yelled at me in front of the directors in the office which they did not step in to help in the moment and there was no disciplinary action. All they did was have that teacher not talk to me. Like are you kidding me. As a school you'd think they'd take it a lot more serious since their students do PAY to go here but, they did not and do not care at all. They basically swept it under the rug and forgot about it like they always do. On top of it all that they had the audacity to tell me she was probably trying to hug me without even asking me what happened when they didn't even see the incident!!!!!! and FIVE other students witnessed when she aggressively approached me and got waayyyy too close. I should’ve sued for what happened to me but it was my last week so it wasn’t worth it but I would’ve if that wasn’t my last week. What a way to end my experience here getting harassed just because Mrs.christina didn’t like me.Over all she is very unprofessional and needs to no let her bad days effect working with students. The school also needs to do something about their ceilings because they have dirty stains on them and their towels are old and a lot are ripped same goes for gowns, they're old. A lot of things need to be fixed and CLEANED and just an fyi when the school had a toilet flood they used the same towels we use on clients to clean it up!! GROSS!! I just don’t understand where all their money goes. My course alone was $10,000 for ONE person and esthetician only imagine about 50-100 students constantly graduating and enrolling. Where’s the money? Cosmetology is $18,000 if I’m correct. Shouldn’t it be spent on new supply’s for students if old ones are coming apart?? Hmmm... I’m not the only student at this school wondering this, teachers have said the same..

  • S C 295 days ago

    I called this morning because I read the great reviews online. When I called the receptionist comprehension was terrible. She didn't understand what a weave extension was or a sew in. How do you work for a cosmetology school and don't know what weave extensions are? So I asked her to transfer me. A white lady answer and she wasn't helpful neither in regards of pricing. She said it all depends on the grade of hair, the length. Like what??? You should be training your students to do any grade of hair, length etc. When you go to a professional beauty salon they don't ask you these questions. They get straight to business. You're training your students to be the best and to test their knowledge of any type of grade of hair not have selective students who can do the job. Worst phone experience. I can only imagine the inservice. I'll take my money elsewhere. Thank you.

  • toni sardelis 332 days ago

    STUDENT REVIEW WITH HELPFUL TIPS FOR CUSTOMERS : I am a student in the cosmetology program at this school . This school will go above and beyond to prepare you for your stateboard exam . We are also a Sassoon partnership school so we learn precise color and cutting techniques along with classes in current hairstyling and coloring techniques . We get trained in Brazilian blowout , Japanese hair straightening , men's clipper cutting and more . The reason this is such a great school is because you get to focus on both creative technique plus being able to prepare for state board , most cosmetology schools in the so cal area seem to focus on one or the other . We have an amazing extern ship program that offers in salon training to prepare you for the real world after you graduate . The school also has a career placement recruiter Michele , who is amazing and she will do anything she can to help you find the perfect salon to fit your needs and personality . Coral in the office is so warm and welcoming and will answer any questions you have about enrollment and will go above and beyond to help you get your career started . I honestly love the staff here . They have helped me reach goals and have helped me start a career I love !! If you're thinking about going to school please give this place a call ! Tips for clients (from a student perspective ) We do accept walk ins , but if we don't have enough students on the floor that day staff can't guarantee a spot , you'll have the best luck making an appointment a week or so in advanced. Please remember we are students and we are still learning , so if we take a little longer than normal on your hair it's because we want you to look and feel amazing and we want to make sure that we are doing the procedure correctly ! Our coaches on the floor are accountable for more than one student at a time and our school takes pride on the integrity of your hair and skin , so if they suggest something different for you it's for your own good ! We want you feeling fabulous not sad !!!! Also I graduate in August and if anyone would like to come get their hair done and feel great ask for TONI !!!

  • lonna steele 440 days ago

    Amazing work done and not overly expensive .I love them they are so nice perfect place to go and help them get experience at the same time

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