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California State Polytechnic University, Pomona

Pomona, CA

(909) 869-7659

3801 W Temple Ave Pomona, CA, 91768
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  • Kevin Soh 19 days ago

    Im currently a student and lets say adding classes is a abysmal joke. They have the worst times for classes and when a class is available it's the worst teacher possible. Heck, I even looked for a GSC ge since I couldnt't get classes towards my major and the joke here is that only1 class was available. So essentially one teacher is responsible for one section for the entire school I do regret not choosing community college and transferring. This school is essentially paying for secondhand treatment and offers nothing special except to engineers and hospitality majors. DO NOT come here for undergrad. I would recommend MT. SAC and transferring to UC which is guaranteed to have superior programs and treatment. (less than 50 percent of all undergrads coming here graduate within 4 years) gee I wonder why.

  • John Robert 27 days ago

    As much as I think Cal Poly is a great school, the system of Cal Poly Pomona is disorganized beyond repair. Unless you desire to study Engineering, I would recommend to look elsewhere. The school emphasizes STEM and hands on learning principles, but there is not much resource for non-Engineering major students. Also, departments do not talk to each other resulting massive confusion for students. Chemistry department, Physics department and Computer Science department are the worst in College of Science as they do not provide a clear answer. Financial Aid office does nothing but create confusion leading students to pay out of their pockets. Transfer students are left confused and they have to figure out their own. Also, information on the official website is incorrect and they do nothing to correct. Basically, they are falsifying information to attract students. The school has massive potential but due to disorganized and incompetent management, the school is disorganized. Due to limited spots of the classes, transfer students are assigned later date of registration and not able to register the class. The school often tells students to go back to their community colleges and take the classes. Another evidence that this school do not care about students is how they treat exceptional students. Students who are in scholars' programs used to be given priority registrations. Then, the school decided to take that away. What they do not realize is that these exceptional students would make the brand of the school more valuable when they enter workforce. How shortsighted. The only good things about this school are professors and students. Most of professors are available during office hours, which yield private school like opportunities to build rapport with professors. Also, most of students are dedicated and hard working. I wish I could give 5 star ratings because I do really like the school, but the system of the school hinders students to excel doing nobody's favor.

  • A.M O 52 days ago

    4th year Aerospace engineering student. Our department is a joke tbh... Go to a PRIVATE SCHOOL where they have better professors

  • Robert Kaempen 127 days ago

    Attended CPP from 1997 to 2002. Graduated with a BS in Business. If you are looking to have a career in upper management for fortune 100 companies or a leader in your industry, that's the type of people CPP develops.

  • RAD 308 days ago

    This is a great school, don't let the negative reviews deter you from attending. I highly recommend that you do your research on your future CAREER rather than your Major. Most students make the mistake of picking out a major with no idea how much work it entails nor any idea of the career paths that emerge from that major. Plan effectively, think of the career you want and plan your academics to get you to that goal. Additionally, yes classes may be hard to get sometimes, but if you plan out your course schedule every quarter and have a back up in the case that you can't get a specific course it won't even be a critical issue for you. One last note, please do not come into an office and yell at the staff. I currently work here and people do that constantly. Do you expect someone to help you right away if you just chewed them out for 15 minutes? Please be polite, and understanding that some of your issues may involve some complexities take some time to work through for a resolution that would please you.

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