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Cafe O'Play

Stow, OH

(330) 928-7517

Open now

(330) 928-7517

Open now
911 Graham Rd #27 Stow, OH, 44221
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  • Christina Sullivan 4 days ago

    Great local business. Pricey but everything good, clean, and fun for kids is. Had our second bday party here it was a blast.

  • Heather Kurtz 19 days ago

    My one year old loved it and we came on their second anniversary! The muffin dish toddler idea was perfect! The size was great! I think they should do more with the dance area and the ring... seemed weirdly placed but overall great experience

  • Richard Sandy 21 days ago

    We took 3 year old grandson to soccer. The place was clean and very friendly. The instructor was very good with small children. It is an excellent place to take a high energy child.

  • Heather A Rhoades 112 days ago

    It is a nice place to bring your kids to play. I keep this one on my "it is the middle of winter and it is a snow day" list for my very hyperactive daughter. There is plenty of room for her to run and burn off energy. The food is good too, especially if you are a young child. The kids meals are all kids favorites that are prepared well with plenty of healthy but kid friendly side options.

  • Nathans Life 229 days ago

    I had a pretty crappy experience there today.. I have been bringing my daughter there for the past few months.. Whenever I had her on our weekends together and the weather outside wasn't that great or we didn't have plans.. And she really enjoyed the place.. Granted she Is on her last year of being eligible to play there.. But never had a issue in the past we would pay eat and then go play for 3 to 4 hours.. But for whatever reason we got a very rude older woman at the register..who saw how excited my daughter was while we were waiting for the group in line in front of us.. And before we even ordered she said "you" pointing to my daughter.. "Up to the measuring stick".. To measure her height.. And said she can't go in.. And I told her but my daughter has been coming here for the past few months with no issue.. All she said was "sorry" and walked away.. Very rude.. And my daughter and I walked back to the car and when we got in.. My daughter broke down in tears.. Because she was looking forward to the fun we have playing together in there.. Honestly the rudeness was enough for this post.. But one thing I don't under stand is why have a measuring stick for kids height.. When parents run around on your equipment?? Thanks cafe o play for making my daughter cry.. What you should have done is let us in and let us know that in the future we wouldn't be able to.. Instead of bumming her out..

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