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2372 St Claude Ave New Orleans, LA, 70117
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  • Shelley Elloie 16 days ago

    This was a great show.! This is awesome!

  • Eric Sylvester 32 days ago

    Great place for special events. Parties, weddings any occasion really. Also has a great stage for the performing arts.

  • CJ 44 days ago

    Skip this place. Rude waitstaff! Look for better venues that feature local talent.

  • Michael LaBruzza 75 days ago

    I was recently played a show at this place. The production company was great bust Cafe Istanbul really dropped the ball on this one. There was 0 promotion of the show by the venue I only noticed it show up on the website a day before the show. We showed up on time for sound check and there was a birthday party going on. We were told " the owner forgot he had an event that night" next issue was the sound. The sound guy had no idea what was going on and placed mics everywhere but near the speaker. Sound guy was also to worried about getting his drinks then running sound check. Iv worked with kids right out of audio school with more brains than that dude.

  • Karen Williams 94 days ago

    It's peaceful music is wonderful it just getting into town and enjoy yourself so well

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