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Building 24 Kitchen and Bar

Wyomissing, PA

(610) 375-2700

Open now

(610) 375-2700

Open now
1115 Bern Rd Wyomissing, PA, 19610
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  • Steven Chmielewski 28 days ago

    Came back tonight on a whim. Food was spectacular! Great music and WELL poured beverages! Definitely worth the price. Scallops, short rib burger, Old Bay pasta, all excellent! Great apps, better than before, and we REALLY liked before!

  • Christina Huber 35 days ago

    It is a great place to go and enjoy some time with friends. Friday night is a good time to go if you just want to talk and hang out. The food is really good high quality food, but you definitely pay for it. Lol. For soup and some grits it cost about $18, so yes it is pricey but it is still very nice.

  • briona salata 40 days ago

    First of all their dress code is just ridiculous. Went with some friends, my one is an army wife, she wore camouflage. We were told we weren't aloud in because she had it on. What sense does that even make? Do they not support our troops?? Then the female bouncer just ridiculous! Major hassle at the door if your a male especially dark skinned. They have to go through an extra check, even a pants on your waist check. Plus don't get why they do not let re entry. Ran to my car and came back and was told I was not allowed to come back in. Not worth the effort to even go.

  • Jake Simpson 99 days ago

    Get's pretty busy. Classy atmosphere early in the evening, but quickly turns into a nightclub later on. Good food.

  • Juan D. Bolaños 186 days ago

    I can only speak on behalf of the nightlife. Not my favorite or first choice when it comes to weekend spots. They overall floor plan is crapped with limited space when packed. Floors are usually sticky or wet from many spilled drinks because of the limited space and drunk people. Dance floor also had bad flow, barley any space to enjoy yourself, especially if your of a bigger stature. Drink prices are a bit expensive. Overall it attempts to be a fancy hot spot with sometimes expensive covers. Wouldn't recommend as a first choice, much better places if your not into cramped, over the top, loud and sweaty places. Grab a drink somewhere else.

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