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Brooklyn Historical Society

Brooklyn, NY

(718) 222-4111

Closed now
128 Pierrepont St Brooklyn, NY, 11201
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  • M T 175 days ago

    The place is a hidden gem. The museum isn’t very big, might take 2-3 hours to see everything at the museum and has a great deal of history about Brooklyn. A very beautiful and still functional library. There are collections about history of different ethnic groups and their history in brooklyn. A great place to visit if you are interested to know to history of brooklyn. Also it’s free for students, but they do accept donations.

  • Sierra Barnett 198 days ago

    It was calm and quiet and informative. A small museum with interesting exhibits. A cool way to plug into a Brooklinite mindset and gather history on the cultures that make up Long Island.

  • Aimiende Negbenebor Sela 219 days ago

    Very educational, cozy and grand at the same time. Warm staff, cool new exhibition on display the day we visited on health and sickness in Brooklyn, and on Muslims in Brooklyn; but it is a small museum and so not much to see, but I definitely recommend a visit. There is a suggested fee, which we paid, but it's donation based.

  • Jack Dillé 223 days ago

    Very cool building built specifically for the purpose of being a Historical Society. Inside is one of the most beautiful libraries I've ever seen - make sure you visit when the library is open!

  • Iaroslav R 714 days ago

    Really nice building. In this summer the library and the one gallery on the second floor are closed. The hall is perfect and the gift store is good as well. It's a good place to support Brooklyn Historical Society. However, you don't need to schedule your time to visit it in the summer.

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