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79 N 11th St New York, NY, 11249
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  • Bryce Jahner 1 day ago

    The tour is entirely worth it! The beer is ok, but the atmosphere makes up for it.

  • Scott F 78 days ago

    I'm really disappointed. I was excited to finally visit this place whilst in town, but the whole experience was unpleasant. They seem to want to run the place like a crappy nightclub or something--they're completely missing when it comes to catering to the general type of audience that visits breweries. First, this place was somewhat difficult to locate. When we finally found it, the door was wide open and we walked in. Some disgruntled bouncer sort asked us what we were doing and why we just walked in. We informed him that the door was wide open and there was no one outside. So, he made us go stand in line? Why? Who knows, probably for the sake of being pretentious. Then, while we're standing there, the two bouncer guys are making snide comments about women walking by. Come on, guys, how sleazy can you get? When they finally decided to let us in, it was stand in line for tokens then stand in line for beers. All of the people working in the place had bad attitudes and were quite rude or just generally impolite. The place was very crowded but not unlike other breweries I've seen; the problem was that you couldn't talk to anyone because the crappy music they were playing was so loud. My friend and I finished up our two beers and got out of there quick. In a word: unpleasant. In another word: sleazy. It was definitely not the typical brewery experience. Go once, try your best to enjoy it, then don't go back.

  • The Captain 119 days ago

    I don't even like beer; came with some friends... I thought the place was pretty cool, and despite hating every beer I drink, the Yuka (fruit beer) was easily drinkable! Only negative is the seating availability. There's no place to sit; they could easily rearrange the place to maximize seating.

  • John Miller 140 days ago

    The beer is great. Good staples as choices and the quality and freshness was what you'd expect. Staff was friendly and quick. The big downside is the setup of this place: you wait in a line to get in, then wait in a line to get tokens, then wait in a line to exchange those tokens for beer. Could they have a more convoluted process? The tables and seating might as well not exist as the place is over-crowded and, as other reviewers note, full of drunk twenty-somethings. Bottom line: If you're a grumpy old person - prepare to be unhappy. If you're a drunk twenty-something - prepare to wait in line to get decent beer surrounded by your peers and frowning old(er) people.

  • Tim Cleary 166 days ago

    What can I say? Fantastic beers, place gets super-full and noisy, but you can still talk if you wander away from the bar over to where the brewing tanks are. Simple Pleasures: East IPA, straight from the tap at the brewery - delicious and refreshing. Also the Local 1 Belgian-style Golden Ale (which is almost too easy to drink, considering its whopping 9% alcohol content)

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