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Brooklyn Borough Hall

Brooklyn, NY

(718) 802-3700

Closed now
209 Joralemon St Brooklyn, NY, 11201
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  • MsLisaLive NYC Local Guide 12 days ago

    The building's interior structure is grand by design. It was once the official location of Brooklyn City Hall before Brooklyn became a member of New York City that now make up the five NYC boroughs. The building is now a public landmark used for office space and events for public and private events. Visitors should schedule tours in advance. The outdoor plaza has a seating area with tables and chairs. Individuals may been seen doing art paintings too.

  • Michael Bolls 81 days ago

    I accidentally stayed too long on the train and ended up here. Not a bad place.

  • Jeffrey Rozman 93 days ago

    An overlooked brooklyn gem. Despite what you think of the politics in the building, it's a great little place to grab an instagram, grab a picture, grab a snapchat (LOLJK NO ONE USES SNAPCHAT). just go check it out, there's cool architecture, there's cool lighting at night, and just check out that Christmas Tree in the Christmas time. 5/5. woot.

  • Tinamarie Rodriguez 234 days ago

    The best borough in the world! The staff of Brooklyn Borough Hall was amazing and compassionate led by a phenomenal man,Mr.Eric Adams.the best borough president.

  • Beryl Reid 820 days ago

    Such an iconic building in the heart of downtown Brooklyn. In one direction is the busy Fulton Mall area, head in a different direction to walk over the Brooklyn Bridge to Manhattan, head in a different direction to walk along the promenade in historical brownstone Brooklyn. On nice days there are chairs and tables right out in front of the steps for people watching, resting or snacking. Most of the stairs will be occupied by people who prefer the taller perch of the steps. They are finally fixing the walkways around the building to reflect its importance to downtown.

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