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Broadway Comedy Club

New York, NY

(212) 757-2323

Open now
318 W 53rd St New York, NY, 10019
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  • Kaeleigh MacLeod 8 days ago

    SCAM!! This place is a real "joke" pun intended. My boyfriend and I had purchased tickets from a street vendor, telling us that there would be 6 famous comedians- Tina Fey and Ryan Stiles included- that wasn't the case at all!!! He had also told us that we would have VIP tickets with our own private table at the front and we would be able to meet all the comedians... which we did get to meet them, but they were nothing special at all and everyone had the same seats. After the show we asked to speak to the manger to address our concerns. The manager first started by telling us that she had never heard anything about this before, later admitting that a "few" other people had also approached her about it (while all the comedians and everyone working there told us they all knew about the street vendors and the false information they were giving people). She had told us there was nothing she would do about it because we had bought our tickets from a street vendor which they don't get paid for. While we were still having a conversation with the manager she walked away. A few minutes later when we approached her again she called the police telling them that we were being violent- when we were strictly trying to voice our concern. She did not offer to refund any of our money- for the tickets or the 4 drinks that we paid $60 for- or do anything for us, except keep walking away- leaving a bartender to willingly give us the money out of her own pocket and hope that she would get reimbursed. We would not recommend this place to anyone as it is all a big scam!

  • Adam Downer 43 days ago

    Scammers. Will lie to you about headliners then tell you it was the "ticket agents" mistake for misleading you. Don't go here. I've had a good time at Gotham, Comedy Cellar and Carolines. We checked our fake tickets in the bin which is a shame for the probably reasonable comics who perform here, they are victims too.

  • Ben 50 days ago

    So not fun at all! Sure they're funny but I can't even see anything in there and there's little space to eat even!

  • Adler Mobasser 59 days ago

    Excellent experience. Great performances, nice staff and good service. Affordable prices. Pay attention to the direction, it's not hard to miss it

  • Ricardo martinez 125 days ago

    Broadway comedy club ticket sellers and their street team managers in times square are scam artist and drug dealers. They engage in thugery and intimidation to force other ticket sellers out of times square. If you are a tourist, comedy fan or even a comedian try and avoid this place like the plague. Dont believe me than just read the reveiws by tourist who were scamed by their agressive rouge band of ticket sellers promising big celebrity comics at their shows. Their sellers even use other clubs booklets to promote their shows as their own. If you try to get a refund after getting scammed that is impossible. If you got scammed the best thing to do is contact the better business bureau or nyc department of consumer affairs.

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