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Brixx Ice Company

Dayton, OH

( 937) 222-2257

Closed now

( 937) 222-2257

Closed now
500 E 1st St Dayton, OH, 45402
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  • Sam Banner 25 days ago

    Specs: Family Sports Restaurant, NOT a bar. They serve beer, craft beer, wine, liquor, bartender on site. Location has a reservable party area (it is the the entire second floor) that comes with dedicated servers for the party. Handicap accessible. Outside patio with tables & umbrellas. My sister has worked at Brixx for roughly 8 years that I can remember. It might be longer. It’s family owned, the owners are great. Any time you go in there you’ll find them working as well. They’re very polite and always helpful. They’ve Always been willing to help my sister with scheduling or other life events as well. They have several events during the summer on the outside patio. I’ve been to various awesome Halloween, and Christmas parties. I’ve also seen a professional dance-off which was new to me. It seems during warm months they always a show or some type of entertainment going on the weekends. It’s a very mixed crowd as well of all ages so nobody is uncomfortable. There’s never a wait that’s too long. The longest I’ve waited was maybe 10 minutes. The bar never has a wait either no matter how busy they get, they tend to handle crowds well. I’m sure they’ve gotten a lot of practice after all the baseball games being so close to the field. The building has great style, I love all the wood interior. But most importantly I always thought this was bar, but it is a Family Restaurant! I don’t know why I thought it was a bar but I guess a sports bar would be more fitting, I like that it’s a restaurant though. If the kids and I want to eat late, it’s not a problem. The food is AMAZING. If you ever decide to visit, you have to try the Italian Sub and the Buffalo chicken egg rolls! No other place can compete with those two items!

  • Karen Jardin 38 days ago

    Excellent food and service. Good drinks. Very relaxed. Very close to all the new housing in downtown Dayton. Ample parking.

  • Eileen Jerome 47 days ago

    We rented a party room on the second floor. We could see the Dragons game without freezing, and we had some great food. You have to try the dragon toes! The service is superb, my drink didn't get empty once.

  • ben murakowski 86 days ago

    Stopped in for lunch, took over ten minutes before anyone even acknowledged that we were there. Then, after we ordered, it took 25 minutes to get our meal. But, the fries were cold and so salty I couldn't eat them. Also, the burgers were burnt, not just overcooked, but black and completely dried out. Nothing irritates me more than having to wait for them to overcook my food. When I informed the manager, which I discovered is one of the owners, they offered to cook our meal over since it was inedible. But, by this time our lunch hour was gone and we had to return to work. They refused to comp or even discount the "food" that we only took a couple bites of. In summary, crappy service, awful overpriced food, and even worse customer service. So I paid like $12 for a burger I couldn't eat. Will never return and would not recommend to anyone.

  • Vincent Spalla 105 days ago

    Brixx is always a good time. The staff is always friendly and competent, the food is great and very consistent. Brixx has the best patio in Dayton, I love seeing live bands there on cool summer nights. The owners are the friendliest in Dayton and very hands on. Brixx is very well managed and it shows. Brixx is my favorite place to watch big Buckeyes football games with friends and family!

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