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Boulder Public Library Central Library

Boulder, CO

(303) 441-3100

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1001 Arapahoe Ave Boulder, CO, 80302
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  • Emilia A. McVey 54 days ago

    A shame, as this library seems great. Unfortunately the homeless population has taken over, which has made common spaces unbearable. I sat in a booth behind a few homeless individuals, and the stench was so bad that I had to leave. Lots of crumbs and grease in the seats... Wasn't sure if I was at McDonalds or a government funded facility...

  • Nathan Haberman 56 days ago

    A great place to study and find some quiet for all people regardless of your financial situation. There are people from all backgrounds here, which is how it should be. Take that classism elsewhere fellow reviewers. Book selection isn't huge. However, there are many great spots to find some quiet and read or study. Lovely views of the mountains and the creek as well.

  • Alien Tourist 89 days ago

    1st floor is children. 2nd floor is a homeless sex offender camp. Way to go Boulder Civic Planning. I used to give panhandlers money until I visited this library. Unfortunately a few jerks and stalkers messed it up for the rest. Learn how to leave people alone. Constantly occupying the restrooms, and coughing all over my personal space. I came to get a book, not Hep C.

  • Mustafa 116 days ago

    The staff is friendly. Upper floor is spacious and gets lots of natural light during the day. Printing service is reasonably priced. There is no free parking though. Update: After having used this library several times now, I am quite surprised to realize that some of the upper floor staff talk and laugh so loudly sometimes that you can almost interpret them as “I am the library personnel here and I can talk as loud as I please. If you have concerns about the noise, go ahead and book a study room!” I hope I am totally wrong with this assumption but if that’s the sentiment behind, I would like to remind them that ALL SECTIONS/ROOMS of ANY LIBRARY SHOULD BE REASONABLY SILENT and everyone should comply with it INCLUDING THE STAFF.

  • Constantine Murenin 164 days ago

    They have a fountain in the building, which brings humidity levels way above what is customary for the area. It'd be nice and great outside in the summer (which is the whole reason to be in Colorado), go stop by the library, and you'll start sweating profusely because of the stupid indoor fountain. Which is entirely not needed in the first place, because the library is already built in top of a creek, with great views and handy seating! I just wish they shutdown that useless fountain — would then totally be a great library!

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