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Boston University Boston, MA, 02215
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  • ateef aldehlaui Today

    great university, great English school for international student

  • Ushana Ekoh 11 days ago

    😃well i havent been to the school so i really dont know (*¯︶¯*)

  • Satan Lucifer 58 days ago

    fuckU. this school scammed me. My department in foreign languages was a joke. most of the prof. were too busy having their heads up their ass to know what was going on. It's schools like this that have contributed to the student debt crisis. If you're rich and have nothing to do..go here. If you're hard working trying to move up in the world, don't expect any real help from this place. Highway robbery in broad daylight. FU BU. I've found more class in my dog's shit.

  • Harsha dammu 90 days ago

    Fg c t y bx dry y bu I've d h v d rf by yh ft tgg

  • isholin 204 days ago

    Graduated 25 years ago. Great campus. Great city. Great experiences. Got much harder to get into than when i applied - read: if I where applying today I wouldn't have been admitted! :).

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