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Boston Marriott Newton

Newton, MA

(617) 969-1000

Open now
2345 Commonwealth Avenue Newton, MA, 02466
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  • Marc Salkovitz 21 days ago

    Best place off Rt 128 for meeting. Nice bar, good restaurant. Very convenient

  • Hsiang-Ping Erdman 38 days ago

    Excellent - rooms, service, facilities! Maureen in the front desk was SUPER sweet and helpful! She even got my son a quiet corner to practice guitar for his college audition!

  • Kristen Mayo-Machado 55 days ago

    Stayed here before the storm so I would be close to work. Lovely hotel. Great room. Staff was very professional and the restaurant was fantastic. Tons of parking as well. Highly recommend!

  • Dominic Black 80 days ago

    The rooms are clean and nice and the location is great, but that's about it. Loud noises, paper thin walls, and guests you'd expect in 1 star hotels, yet management doesn't do anything about it. Stayed here 2 nights and sleeping was an issue both nights. Highlights were noise and fights between 10pm-1am in the hallway. The cops finally showed up at 130am making even more noise questioning the remaining guest wondering why there is blood on the door. She didn't remember knowing any of them until the cops told her that one is laying in really bad shape in the parking lot, which send her in a frenzy. This could all have been discussed in the lobby or outside, but not we're paying guests are trying to sleep. The management apparently didn't care as none of the guests were removed from the hotel, and the noise started again as soon as police left and ended with the remaining woman storming out at around 2. Finally, I was made to pay for parking for complaining and bringing it up to their attention, although it was supposed to be free.

  • Tronsta 97 days ago

    Overall great service, plenty of parking, and nice amenities. Building is a bit dated and laid out in a very strange way that often requires lots and lots of lots of walking if you're at the end of a floor. In addition, while there's great parking the parking lot is also massive requiring a lot of foot time. Overall not terrible but if you're in a rush or you're coming in extremely tired it's a pain.

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