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Bloomsburg Library

Bloomsburg, PA

(570) 784-0883

Open now
225 Market St Bloomsburg, PA, 17815
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  • Ashley Shires 60 days ago

    Beautiful library and plenty of programs

  • Rubayya H 66 days ago

    Great space. My first library ever :)

  • Megan Miller 298 days ago

    My favorite spot in town. The upstairs children's library is simply magical.

  • Rich Richmond 764 days ago

    Me and my family enjoy every trip we take to the Bloomsburg Library. The staff is knowledgeable and friendly. The children's section and DVD selection is worth the trip alone!

  • PL J 1205 days ago

    Shame on the Bloomsburg Public Library. I went in to use one of their public computers & had a horrible experience. I showed my ID, as required & was directed as to which computer to use. I was there to print some emails from my yahoo account. The computer was running EXTREMELY slow & finally connected to the yahoo home page after about a 5-10 minutes. I logged in & clicked to open an email & waited, waited.....nothing. I decided to log out since I saw another computer become available. After I clicked "logout", the computer again ran very slow & went to a blank page. So I closed out of all screens & reopened internet explorer to make sure it didn't show I was still logged into my email. I tried several times to go back into yahoo & it was showing connectivity issues. Finally, I was able to open the yahoo page & it still had me logged in; my email viewable to anyone that would use the computer after me. I tried several more times to log out & it wouldn't do so; each time showing my name & that I was still logged in. The employees were in a rush to shut down the computers & leave, asking me if I was finished. I explained to her what kind of problems I was having & she would get someone to help me. The person that came to "help" me was extremely ignorant & rude. She did not want to be bothered with helping me & was only concerned with getting out of there. I explained that my email contained very sensitive data, like credit card info, bills with address & social security information. She did not care. She told me that there was nothing she could do to help me & that they needed to close down. She said that when the computers are turned off for the night, that should fix the problem with the stuck yahoo page. She proceeded to take the mouse from me, log off of the computer & walk away. Very cold & rude. I was clearly concerned & worried & she could have cared less. I stood up & asked her when the library opened in the morning & she ignored me. So, I stood there until she could see that I was not leaving without being acknowledged. At this point I was in tears & the older man standing at the counter was smirking; he thought it was funny. I again addressed my concerns about my data sensitive info getting into the wrong hands & she continued to pack her belongings as the others quickly turned off the lights. She didn't want to be bothered & wouldn't even turn the computer back on to see if it cleared my yahoo page so I could leave there with some peace of mind. Just 5 minutes of her time was way too much to ask. I've never been treated so rudely in any public business anywhere in my life. She obviously needs a lesson in compassion & a course on customer service.

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