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Blake Medical Center

Bradenton, FL

(941) 792-6611

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2020 59th St W Bradenton, FL, 34209
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  • Colleen Pfort 6 days ago

    This is a reply for Richard Pfortmiller post . A letter from Tina J from the Emergency room staff told us that she was sorry they could not please us, but the standard care was met . This care included no pain relief for 6 hours, and being held hostage . NOW LETS TELL A LITTLE MORE OF THE STORY . Colleen again went to Manatee shortly after leaving blake . She was in very serious condition . I turns out that MANATEE WAS ABLE TO FIND THE PROBLEM. She was suffering from a infection that was constricting her cervical spinal area . it was so extensive that it was inside her spine and around her spinal cord . This is where the extreme pain was coming from . The Doctors could not figure why this happened, after determining there was NO punctures on her body .( infections on the spine happen with drug users. Normally in the lower spine, NEVER IN THE NECK) This required immediate antibiotics intravenously . Also this infection was so extensive , they had to remove three infected disks IN HER NECK . Doctors at Manatee controlled the pain within an hour, and have her on antibiotics IV for a month as well. They admitted her for a week. This will be followed with another MRI to make sure they do not have to split her spine a second time, to clean out any remaining infection around the spinal cord ,if present. In my honest opinion, with the ER medical staff only at Blake. my wifes infection would have gone to a level that would have ended her life . or making her quadriplegic, Much longer would have resulted from the damage the constricting infection was doing on her spinal cord . THANK YOU MANATEE HOSPITAL and the Doctors . The Emergency Room wanting to get to the route of her pain, helped them find this infection . We never had a General Practitioner before while in Florida . now we do , and he is from Manatee Hospital . Below is the other post and the reason this follow up post was presented .

  • Cassie Place 22 days ago

    Do everyone a favor... Use your wait time billboard(with CORRECT time) or take it down!! It always says 15 minutes, you go in and your waiting room is filled to the point where people are standing. I understand you are a trama center + busy but it makes for an awful experience. To be completely honest at this point we choose to drive across town + go elsewhere.

  • Ronnette Wohlfeil 25 days ago

    PA Robert Kasten, you suck. Next time a parent brings their child in the emergency department to be seen by a doctor, you need to make sure the parent is present when you examine the child. That's why you have PA in front of your name instead of DR .... myself personally I would not let you examine my dog. From what I was told you squeezed his leg and told him he was sore. You didn't even listen to the Child or ask where his parents were. You probably spent five minutes with him tops. Very disappointed, you need to follow hospital procedure and listen to what the patient has to say. I don't know where you went to school but you need to go back. Your's truly a very pissed off parent. 01/26/2017

  • Itay Seith 123 days ago

    The hip surgery went well. I stayed 3 days and the hospital set up all the necessary aftercare at home. I have been in this hospital a few times, each with excellent service. ADDITIONALLY, this hospital is clean....very clean. They wash the floors and clean the room daily and even help you bath everyday. I choose this hospital over closer one to my house because it's much better at cleanliness.

  • Janet Bell 153 days ago

    Worse nightmare my family and I have ever experienced. And I will continue to relive it every day for the rest of my life. They don't even deserve one star. I sympathize with all of you who have had bad experiences. I truly can relate. I can write a book on our two month nightmare with Blake, but, I will try to make it as short as possible. It started from the day my Dad drove himself to the emergency room. He was an active, healthy 78 year old. Had emergency gallbladder surgery. He was on the road to recovery the next two days. On the third day he went down hill fast. He ended up in Septic Shock. Had a second surgery to see what was wrong and they discovered a perforated small intestine. Spent the next two months at Blake. Many things went wrong that could have been prevented. Many issues were brought to the hospitals attention, but, still nothing improved. My Dad passed away at Blake two months to the day that he went there. My Dad was treated like a number and not a human being. To them he was just a 78 year old man that had lived a full life. Blake is all about the money. They have no respect or value for a patients life. If you value your loved ones life do not go to Blake. We strongly believe if he had gone to another hospital he would still be with us today. If this review can save one patient from going to Blake and experiencing what we did, then, telling my story is well worth it. I see where personnel reviewing these reviews respond by thanking individuals giving a good review. They respond to negative reviews by passing the information on to other departments that never respond. Terrible, terrible, terrible Oh, I just learned that it is national Sepsis Awareness month. So, I just wanted to make the public aware that my Dad passed away from complications of Sepsis after surgery he had at Blake Medical Center.

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