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Bladen Community College

Dublin, NC

(910) 879-5500

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7418 NC Hwy 41W Dublin, NC, 28332
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  • savannah taylor 130 days ago

    One of the best community colleges around. Teachers care about their students.

  • Yolonda Bellamy 360 days ago


  • Katiesha Hayes 577 days ago

    I am a student at BCC and my experience there has been wonderful. I have had great instructors they have been more than willing to help me in any way.I don't have a problem with them not responding back to my emails or even returning a phone call.Whenever I go to their office and it is not a problem at all. In the spring of 2016 I will be graduating with college transfer in science and art. I am part of the Student Government Association , Upswing the online tutoring that BCC offers to students for free. I am also part of the work study program and I was elected to represent BCC in the Student Leadership Development Program in Raleigh. My GPA is good and I work very hard. I would recommend BCC to anyone. It is all in what you want. What you put in is what you get out. You can't expect special treatment. My experience has been Great and I have already had job offers and I have not even graduated yet. Everybody experience is different but mine has been great.I didn't think that my college experience would be so great, but I made a great decision when I chose BCC they are my extended family.

  • BCC Student 808 days ago

    Well Aaron, You are incorrect. I am a student, not faculty nor staff, and I have had my account for quite some time now. I named my account this because I am proud to be a BCC Student! I'm not trying to defend anything other than my experience here! I'm sure there are other colleges that offer a good education but so does BCC. One thing I know for sure, I definitely learned to capitalize proper nouns and proper writing techniques! Wow Caleb! I am shocked at your review of Bladen Community College! I am currently a student @ BCC and my experience is the complete opposite of what you have described! Let me tell you about my time here. I am one semester away from graduating and I have had an exceptional experience! I am a student in the Computer Information Technology program and feel I am well equipped to enter the work force! All of my courses have been challenging and most have had hands-on exercises and testing to go with it. I have put in many hours of studying as well as in the Test-out Labs to fulfill the course requirements! I am willing to give my best effort to gain all of the knowledge they have to offer, which is a tremendous amount! Every single instructor I have had has been more than willing to give their time to answer any questions I have had and they all have been quick to respond to any emails I have sent them. They have all gone above and beyond their duties to make sure I, and the other students, have a full understanding of the subject. I do, and will continue to, recommend BCC as an excellent school! They offer many different curriculums and cover these courses with the needed material. Bladen Community College is a fantastic choice for your educational needs and desires! P.S. I would say, "You'll get out of it what you put into it"!

  • Aaron McKoy 808 days ago

    i took college transfer out here for a short while before moving to wilmington and transferring to uncw. most of the teachers don't do much or even try. if all i had to do was get lesson plans, powerpoints, and tests off of a book's website i could be a teacher too. don't believe it? experience it yourself! this is not specific to bladen county though! it is happening in a lot of places! before teachers could share resources and rely on computers, they actually had to know the subject material they were teaching. BCC Student is obviously a staff or faculty member trying to defend the ratings here. sounds to me like an account was created just for that purpose. who has the google name BCC Student? lol. well if you are looking for a better school to go to try cape fear or southeastern community college. the job market is also a lot better here in wilmington so if you are going to move for a job anyway try out cape fear!

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