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Bissap Baobab

San Francisco, CA

(415) 826-9287

Closed now
3372 19th St San Francisco, CA, 94110
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  • Heidi Lim 22 days ago

    One of my go-to places for a gathering. Yummy Senegalese food, fantastic tropical drinks, warm staff, laid-back atmosphere. At 10pm the weekend they clear out the main floor and the place becomes a dance floor where DJs spin Caribbean and African hip hop, reggae, and dancehall. Really great vibe and affordable prices. The crowd here is usually pretty chill as well and people here really know how to dance!

  • Coleen B 23 days ago

    Our dinner was incredibly well presented and DELICIOUS. I ordered the dissan and it was one of the lost delicious meals I've had in a while. Great deal for the price. The chicken was incredibly charred, salty and smoky flavored, the sauce was layered, rich, balanced and complex with flavor. The plantains were sweet and well seasoned. The drinks were 3 stars, tasted like juice and syrup, I'm more of booze forward manhattan-Cocktail person. They were able to accommodate 8 of us as a group pretty easily for dinner. Later in the evening we came back to dance and the vibe was amazing, not too crowded and the mix of music was interesting and smart, contemporary African, early 2000s and a little bit of Indian. Pretty incredible mix! It was fun for our whole group.

  • Grace Park 30 days ago

    A restaurant by day, and a dance club by night. This little place gets packed during the weekend nights with people who just want to have fun! The music - idk what it is. It is not edm not top40 not hip hop. But it is fun. The drinks are fine - nothing special. But one thing is that they charge $15-20 cover charge for everyone. No exceptions. Fun but unsure if it's worth all that, and sometimes a wait too. It also gets really crowded and packed, so you are forced to have no personal bubble at any point in the club. Oh, and there are two bathrooms with a min 20 min wait it seems.

  • Steven Wakabayashi 44 days ago

    Delicious ginger tea and fried plantains, but the entrees were just okay and very small portions. The staff was great and very nice. Interesting food and crowd. In the beginning of dinner, this place was teaching dance class in the back and then a cover-charged bar.

  • Carlos Eats 52 days ago

    The is my favorite place to go party in San Francisco whenever I'm there. They play great reggae and African songs and its always a party inside and its always a party inside. It gets crowded in a good way. The drinks are good. Just an awesome and good vibes SF scene kinda place. I love it.

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