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(415) 826-9287

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3372 19th St San Francisco, CA, 94110
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  • J Privacy 4 days ago

    Great little place for African food and I really appreciate that they have interesting non-alcoholic drinks – not just soda or plain juice. The people are vibrant and friendly and the dancing is crowded, sweaty, and fun!

  • Anh-Minh Do 32 days ago

    An amazing group of dancers are here almost every night, from every possible country. Much of the folks that come through are from the hospitality industry.

  • Jerry Gordinier 41 days ago

    Unique place to grab some dinner at fold out tables, then they come down and a small but hopping dance party appears. Carpets and rugs line the ceilings. Really cool vibe all around.

  • Benny Liang 69 days ago

    I enjoyed the unique decor of the restaurant, the novelty of trying out African cuisine and the (baffling) interpretive dance show. My food came out only lukewarm and appeared to be unevenly cooked and I could tell I was serviced differently than a regular. Fun experience!

  • Varun Turlapati 104 days ago

    Service was flaky. Elements of impatience, confusion, etc. Food was average! The flamenco on the evening (second Saturday of every month) made it more tolerable. We were moved from a very small table (for 3 of us) to a bigger table that could at least fit 2 big plates. Our server seemed to care less and even rudely asked one of us to move to let her pass. This after one of them place the chair there. Then after the check payment I was waiting for my card to be returned and I had one staff member come and say, "They need the table in 5 min". I responded that I was waiting for my card, which took them a while 10 min (for heaven knows what reason). Outside of live performances i don't see any incentive to go back.

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