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Bisbee Royale

Bisbee, AZ

(520) 432-1400

Closed now

(520) 432-1400

Closed now
94 Main St Bisbee, AZ, 85603
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  • Mitra Gregg 137 days ago

    So much fun everytime we go here what a great unique place.

  • Dan Meenach 174 days ago

    Great venue for music,dancing and excellent food.

  • Strunch 204 days ago

    My wife and I were very excited to see the movie that was advertised for December 20th. We are both long time fans of the New York Dolls and were looking forward to watching this movie. When we arrived we walked in and there was no one to take our money. We walked to the bar and waited about 25 minutes to inquire about the movie. We even shouted to make our presence known but to no avail. We heard loud talking and laughing in the upper "office" maniacal laughter which made us feel uncomfortable. It sounded like they were having a great time...ok cool, but do it on your own time. You had paying customers downstairs. Unbelievable and so amateur. My wife and I could have easily watched this movie at home but we wanted to support this venue. It's hard to take this place seriously. I would NOT recommend this place to anyone. They are probably laughing at this review. Strange way to run a business.

  • Dale Brayden 283 days ago

    The Royale is a terrific entertainment resource for Bisbee. Comfortable seating, decent sound system, good sound dampening. Nice variety of movies and live acts.

  • Sarah Michalek 380 days ago

    I was born and raised in Bisbee and met with the coordinator at the Royale two months prior to a potential event (my bridal shower). At that time we were given a ballpark estimate for hosting an event and had been assured that we would come to an agreement for food and drinks (we were given a ballpark estimate). After repeatedly asking for a quote and being told that the coordinator would get to it, we finally received a quote two weeks prior to the event. Invitations had already been ordered, and we had been assured several times that we would make the event work. Unfortunately the quote was nowhere near what had been discussed at the meeting, and it was very difficult to get in contact with the coordinator to discuss anything. Several extra costs also were added that had not been discussed. The event had to be canceled and location changed. This was very difficult and disappointing. I would encourage any potential renters to make sure you have a written copy of any deals prior to solidifying your event. Also don't have very high expectations of the coordinator and his professionalism. Strongly disappointed.

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