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Biggs Harley-Davidson

San Marcos, CA

(760) 481-7300

Open now
1040 Los Vallecitos Blvd San Marcos, CA, 92069
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  • Mike Scheier 4 days ago

    First of all, I want to say I live close by and visit this dealer often. I buy all of my Harley parts here and as a matter of fact, I just ordered a new jacket from them. Overall, they seem like great people concerned with customer service. No Harley bikes parts or other items are cheap anywhere and Biggs is no exemption. I understand that. I get that quality and great service comes at a premium and I accept that. What I don't accept is a service department which bloats up my bill by telling me parts are broken that aren't and that repairs are needed that are not. And parts being sold for twice what I can buy it for at another large HD dealership is not giving me the warm fuzzies. BTW, I am not going to replace a rear tire that still has the nubs on it and lots of tread. When your bike has a repair estimate of over 4 thousand dollars, the last thing I need to hear is somebody trying to sell me tires. I am not going to get personal because I was treated professionally and even was helped out by them locating parts I could not find myself. Look, I've worked at new car dealerships for many years And I know service departments and how they work. I will continue to patronize Biggs and enjoy my visits there, but I won't be headed back to their service department ever again. I am leaving today to take my bike to a local shop to have some more repair work done that I would have done last week if I had not lost trust in them.

  • Vincent P. Colandrea II 31 days ago

    Not an extraordinary dealership, however often the events are better than some larger ones that we've visited across the country. Like all of them anywhere, their merchandise is often overpriced. Friendly customer service and a comfortable atmosphere during your visit along life's journey. Worth of visit riding by. ~V.

  • Emmy Moe 57 days ago

    Just got my first Harley there. Hoss and Noll were excellent, along with all of the other staff. Everything was explained and went perfectly smooth. I wish all the cars I’ve bought from dealerships would have been this easy. And it was delivered free of charge the next day. Will definitely be going back for classes and gear.

  • Patrick Pounds 63 days ago

    Every H-D dealership in San Diego county offers a military discount, except for Biggs. In fact, every dealership I have visited in the United States is honored to give a break to our military, active duty, retired and all veterans, disabled and otherwise. I had an emergency where I needed to purchase a battery for a friend stranded on a back county road. I produced my military ID card and asked if there was a discount. The Parts salesman said that it was Biggs policy to not honor a military discount. Funny, a dealership who hosts the MAY RIDE refuses any military discount to it's qualified customers. I don't know about my military brothers and sisters, but I will be taking my business to other H-D dealers who honor the 1% of Americans who defend this Great Country.

  • John Smartt 128 days ago

    I have purchased 5 bikes from Biggs and each purchase experience has been a pleasure. Great deals, friendly, knowledgeable sales staff, and great inventory. 3 trips in for service and left satisfied each time. The entire staff are friendly and helpful. I think the management has provided positive leadership here as it shows in the way this dealership treats their customers.

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