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55 5th Ave New York, NY, 10003
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  • xiao hello 223 days ago

    So, what am I doing now almost 6 years after graduating? After I graduated, I was hired by a former Cardozo alum at a small IP law firm. Following that, I became in-house IP counsel at a now public tech company (where I have been for 3.5 years), and can honestly say love what I do. Almost all of my friends from law school are working at law firms or in-house, and most seem to be happy (although, that may not be indicative of my entire graduating class). Like most things in life, it's all what you make it, but I remain appreciative of my time at Cardozo.

  • Robert Williams 248 days ago

    It's a nice place to hold a conference.

  • William YJ Lee 529 days ago

    Very well organized and systemized law school. Loving it.

  • A Google User 1919 days ago

    Amazing place amazing school right across from Forbes magazine. What more can you say.

  • A Google User 2830 days ago

    To may concern I see your staff is shall discrimation again the real man behind this catalog goverment company and neeed to look at all your part your played to get me layed off you should be a shamed of your thought of hate again me.

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