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BAR Charlotte

Charlotte, NC
300 N College St #104 Charlotte, NC, 28202
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  • Frances Gallardo 910 days ago

    Don't ever come to this bar, the people who work there are rude the manager will curse you out... , we went to bar Charlotte looking for fun, when we got there they gave us a price to get in, well... we agreed on the price, then when we were checking in the cashiers were rude, when we were paying they suddenly changed the price to something more expensive and on top of everything they started to yell at us for no reason, when we paid the amount that they were asking for they grabbed my girl friend and the other guy who was with us and they took us out we didn't even make it to the club, well once they told us that we couldn't come in they didn't even gave us our money back which made us really upset, we paid for the club they cursed us out and we didn't even get to be inside so they just took our money and threatened us that they were going to send us to jail if we didn't leave that instant. Please don't ever come to this bar you'll have a terrible experience they will take your money away and they will give you the worst customer service that you could never imagine.

  • Finesse Parks 940 days ago

    I love the music, and usually all the staff are very fun and friendly! My main concern is when you pay to get in! If you all offer free tickets and the tickets advertise ABSOLUTELY FREE ALL NIGHT...then I feel 100% that should be honored. Then, the lady had the audacity to ask me how much did we have to get into the club!?!?! Which is none of her business. It should be one fair price, not I pay depending on if the number sounds right to you! This is the second time I have had issues with prices being changed or being charged differently from the person before or after me. I've been charged "30 dollars" and then my friend pays after me 20 dollars! I love this place but this is the 2nd time we have had a major entrance fee issue.

  • Glenn Church 1076 days ago

    They are a night club with nice lights, sound, t&a, and the most modern rap/dance/techno music. Drinks are a little pricey but so are they everywhere else in Charlotte. PBR's are normally $2. I think females and everyone over 21 should get in for no more than 5$, if not free. If the cover is $20 that night, sorry but you will not have my business as my tab is usually at LEAST $100. PS. They are not racist. Get over it. #alllivesmatter

  • Christina Walker 1263 days ago

    I had my Bachelorette Party here, and it was such a fun time! I will be coming back! There was so much going on, from the great musical palate to all the people dancing on the bars, the half clothed shots girls walking around, and the one dancing up on the tall platform, the cage to dance in next to the DJ stand, the mechanical bull, and decent drink prices. I loved the vibe and the party atmosphere. And, for the record, I am almost 30 years old. The patrons are not all college kids, either.

  • Derrick A 1303 days ago

    Evening started great, It's a fun club, HOWEVER!!! We were there for my sons birthday, we had a room 1/2 block from club at the holiday inn. My son was called to the bar by one of the waitresses for shots and was fed 6 double shots. We miscalculated on what we brought with us. We told the girl I was going to room for more cash and as I was coming to the door my son and my wife were being escorted to the door. The bounce staff had my son wrapped up like a criminal. This to me was totally unprofessional and unacceptable!!! I can not understand how they think this is ok?? I think the waitress should be terminated for lying!!! And yes, I still paid the bill even after my family was completely disrespected.

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