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Baptist Medical Center South

Jacksonville, FL

(904) 271-6000

Open now
14550 Old St Augustine Rd Jacksonville, FL, 32258
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  • Despicable Me Today

    No hassle checking in. Doctor was down to earth and spoke in layman's terms where possible. I'm happy they could care for me.

  • michelle ketchum 33 days ago

    The ER staff was pretty good and friendly. The nurses on floor 7 were OK nothing spectacular but the biggest disappointment were the Dr's. Dr Cooper from Borland Grover gave terrible patient care had no bedside manner and poor follow up. Dr Payal Patel was just rude and condescending to my husband and myself. Health Care is so expensive but the care is extremely poor. 👎👎👎

  • Sarah 168 days ago

    I just spent 7 long hours waiting in the ER. I have frequent kidney stones.. When the doctor says "come back if your condition worsens" and I go back only to be called "drug seeking" and get lectured for it all the while being in horrible pain, what else am I supposed to do? They offered my tylenol. I can take tylenol and be in horrific pain at home! I understand theres a drug epidemic going on but when you have a legit reason to be in the ER, at least help out for relieving pain while there. Have some compasion docs..

  • Casey Bloom 413 days ago

    From the second you call or walk in the door you feel the hostility coming from the miserable, rude receptionist. I felt like no one was listening to why I went to the ER. The nurse had the nerve to say "there is nothing wrong with you",as I am lying in a hospital bed sobbing after waiting "my turn" for hours. no one listened to me there. I didn't even get an iv of fluids because I was "hydrated" even though I haven't had anything for he past two days. I paid 300$ to be insulted and treated like crap and swept under the rug and told I was good to go home. Horrible horrible horrible experience. Every. Single . Time

  • Katherine Nichols 560 days ago

    Wrong hospital but I can't cancel it. Never been here.

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