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Baptist Medical Center Beaches

Jacksonville Beach, FL

(904) 627-2900

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1350 13th Ave S Jacksonville Beach, FL, 32250
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  • Stephen Tobias 12 days ago

    651 PM Brought girlfriend to emergency in extreme pain and difficulty breathing. Only two people 803 PM she was brought back to be looked at....now1003 she is still being looked at....staff rude...worst ER experience of my life.

  • Joe Stoner 52 days ago

    My wife has been here quite a few times and a few days ago the doctor told her she was 80% efaced. As of today 11·25·2016, a nurse said she was 50% efaced. Now I don't have any intention of bashing the hospital. Lord knows we appreciate what they do but this is not a game of guess. I would expect much more accurate numbers when dealing with my child and wife.

  • Andrew Faus 78 days ago

    They took great care of my God mother twice this month. She had very kind and patient Nurses and the Doctors took as much time as they could with her. I also worked for Century ambulance and each time I went for a transport the staff was always very nice.

  • Morgan Collins 90 days ago

    The staff is probably the only thing that saves this place. Everyone I dealt with was very nice and cheery. Not so cheery was the fact we waited half an hour in the emergency room. Additionally, we had one x-ray done and that was all, saw the doctor once and we've been here for three hours now. The radiologist said it'd be fifteen minutes for a result... an hour ago. Pray for us, they might keep us overnight for a sprain.

  • Tara Mccann 134 days ago

    I went into the ER and was greated with friendly and courteous staff. Wait times was minimal and needed a CT scan was done within an hour of getting here then needed emergency appendectomy and from the time I got here to the time I got out of surgery was a total of 4 hours. Stayed a few days and the nursing staff and doctors were amazing best place to go to.

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