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Baby Junk; Natural Baby Boutique

Omaha, NE

(402) 571-4388

Closed now
Rockbrook Village Shopping Center Omaha, NE, 68144
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  • Sasha Johnson 35 days ago

    cute shop!

  • Brit M 114 days ago

    Small selection of used clothes, and front of store is dedicated to new, overpriced items. And no books, which I was pretty sad about.

  • Rebecca Rolfe 271 days ago

    Great place to learn about cloth diapering.

  • Jill Krajicek 660 days ago

    Very very expensive! And not much selection, but pretty cool to have the option of a natural baby store in town. The staff is very knowledgable! They all seem to be moms and are very helpful with their products. Wish I had more money so I could have shopped here more. I did find the Grovia magic stick here that I couldn't find anywhere else and found some really cool all natural bottles that I hope my little man likes when he comes. I also need to go back in a few months because they sell some really neat baby food storage containers for homemade food, that I would like to use once he is old enough to eat actual food.

  • Christina Kloeckner 699 days ago

    They taught me everything I know about cloth diapers and now I'm on the perfect diapers for my second child. The amount of money they have saved me is ridiculous. Not to mention how much I'm saving the environment as well.

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