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B Resort & Spa

Lake Buena Vista, FL

(407) 828-2828

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1905 Hotel Plaza Blvd Lake Buena Vista, FL, 32830
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  • Patrick S 4 days ago

    Just stayed at this hotel for a week. Folks there are super nice and the room was nice. We were on the 17th floor with a view of the Disney parks. The restaurant was nice for breakfast. The buffet was the same every morning, but the wait staff was helpful. The nice thing was that you can order your eggs the way you like from the buffet. The cost is a bit much, but so is everything that is associated with Disney. When it came time to check out, that is where the nightmare started. I am accustomed to getting a bill the night before so that I an look over the charges. Doesn't happen here. Upon check in, the young lady took a deposit of $300 for "incidentals" and valet parking. That was fine... I knew we would not go over that. When we checked out, the man behind the counter charged me an additional $104 for the buffet. That was with the $30 credit that I had everyday. To top it off, they were charging my card everyday for the buffet. So now the hotel had almost $500 charged to my card. The manager looked over the bill and was able to credit my card back for some of the charges. I will have to wait and see if the rest is put back on my card. Buyer beware!!!!! CHECK YOUR BILL!!!

  • Douglas Baldwin 5 days ago

    Beware Room 301! First off, there were many nice things about this hotel. Parking (for $20 a night) was easy, proximity to Disney, friendly staff, complimentary water and lollipops, play room to entertain kids for a couple of minutes before bed, and a nice outdoor area with a heated pool are some of the pros. But man, room 301. Where do I begin? When we got to the room, everything was wet and sticky. Even though the a/c was running full-blast, the air was saturated with moisture. Walking on the floor, our feet would stick to it. They had a tech come up and redirect the airflow in the room, but I am not sure it helped. Next was the pullout couch. When we opened it, the mattress cover had stains and human hair all over it. GROSS! We had to call to get it replaced (which they were friendly about and took care of). Next, specific to 301, the view is horrible! All you can see out the sliding doors (which do not open) is part of the building. The room is buried in a canyon of concrete. The bedroom itself has no windows to speak of (which would bother some with feelings of claustrophobia). You could also hear the elevators at night as they are just down the hall. Oh, and the extra blanket that is available in the closet was dirty as well. Now I don't believe for a second that any hotel room I stay in is truly clean, but there should at least be the perception of cleanliness. B Resort failed to provide this feeling and made for a less than stellar visit. If you are looking for a less expensive room on Disney property and don't mind the sticky floors and stains, I could recommend this place. If you are one who does not want to check into your room and have to make multiple calls and wait to unpack, this may not be the place for your next trip.

  • Stephanie Penate 6 days ago

    This was a last minute booking for mother’s day weekend we had a trip for 7 days that we couldn’t attend too and we wanted to stay a night just to figure out what to do and we called our travel agent to find us a not so expensive hotel but still nice to help us feel better from our missed tripped. I was skeptical because it looked too nice to be so affordable we decided to try it out for three nights. We arrived and we were so impressed. Our room was so nice how clean it was and everything ! The spa was amazing and the staff and pool was great! We decided to go to magic and animal kingdom and the transportation was amazing ! We loved it so much we extended one more night! If it weren’t for the bad weather we would have stay all 7 days!!!! But we are definitely coming back!!!

  • Shawn Sunyich 14 days ago

    What a beautiful hotel. Looks newly remodeled, beautiful lobby, comfortable moderns rooms, comfortable beds, best pillows ever (for a hotel). Lots to do at or nearby. The staff is what really completes this experience, they are so helpful & extremely friendly. So so so happy our family booked & stayed here.

  • JAG's Mom 36 days ago

    My parents have stayed in the same building both before and after its transition. The hotel is beautiful. It is very modern and has a beautiful water feature in the lobby area. They offer complementary water and lemonade in the lobby. The rooms are very pretty and a nice size. The bathroom is large and well appointed. The staff are very attentive and provide free water bottles daily. If there was any complaint I have it is regarding parking. It's ridiculous that you have to pay to park in addition to your room rate.

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