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Autodesk Gallery

San Francisco, CA

(415) 356-0700

Closed now
1 Market St #200 San Francisco, CA, 94105
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  • Harland Silky 29 days ago

    Amazing and well worth the effort to take the tour. Some of the most advanced technology on display all in one place.

  • Mark O'Keefe Jr. 41 days ago

    Absolutely amazing examples of engineering, design, and 3d printing. Definitely visit if you have some time.

  • Shihong Khor 55 days ago

    Great place to visit if you are into state of the art techy stuff. They are only open on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. And the free audio tour is only available on Wednesday at 12.30 pm. Unfortunately that's very restrictive. It's a good place to kill time if you have 30 mins to 1 hour to spare when you are in the area.

  • ally gray 55 days ago

    This gallery is filled with interesting scopes of work and projects that utilized Autodesk services. I had a workshop here with industry professionals and everyone was very helpful and nice.

  • Ioana Muresan 140 days ago

    If you're in San Francisco and are even a little bit scientifically inclined - you have to visit the Autodesk Museum. In fact - scratch that: visit it anyway, even if you don't have a scientific bone in your body :). It's full of super impressive stories, of crazy exciting initiatives. My favourite one was the baby pouch that was designed by a couple of female engineers to prevent death of premature babies in India. And the electricity generating ball and skipping rope designed by a couple of Harvard students... but the project covered every topic - from cars to travel to architecture and more... Be sure to stop by.

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