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Austin Rowing Club

Austin, TX

(512) 472-0726

Open now

(512) 472-0726

Open now
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74 TRINITY ST Austin, TX, 78701
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  • Bobby Z. Dwindle 42 days ago

    Never thought Rowing could be such a fun sport! So cool, the views, the people, the community here is so welcoming and it’s such a great way to meet people! Bring your kids and family here to row!

  • Shawn Murphy 108 days ago

    Great place for kids and adults to learn rowing!

  • Audrey Stater 236 days ago

    The place is very good with food And rowing

  • Inbar Yaar 325 days ago

    We had a 2 paddles for 2 hours groupon. We arrive an hour before they close. The reason for that is that they have NO parking and we needed to go deeper downtown to find a spot. We left our stuff in the car because we had a groupon so we brought only our phones with us. The guy told us we have an hour left until closing at 7:30pm (which later we found out they really close at 9pm) and since we had only one ID and going to the car was too far and a waste of time, we can take only one paddleboard. So for 1paddleboard for 1 hour he redeemed a 2paddles for 2 hours $40 worth groupn. We arrived late because we carried away with the wind. No one told us its not ok to take one board for 2 people. But when we came back they charged us for late fees extra $30. We were able to take them down to $20 but the awkward feeling we got from this place left a bad taste in our mouth. We may have been wrong not bringing another ID (first time doing it) but we were not told it's not ok to take 1 paddleboard for 2 people, not by that guy, who later appeared to be the manager and not by the guy who gave us the paddleboard and got us on board. The manager was anal and was reciting the codes. Was really not empathic to the situation and looked like he was trying to show how though he is amongst his employees... we ended up paying $60 for a little less than 2 hour for 1 paddleboard. For conclusion, we got bad attitude, payed much more than we expected to, the location of the place has no advantage over others (aside for sightseeing the bats) it's further down and the water is less clean and there's NO parking. Really I believe they could have managed it differently. Not going to recommand on this place

  • Sateesh Peddini 477 days ago

    My rowing club! Also there is Alta's coffee shop with a good lake view. SUP boards and kayak rentals downstairs.

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