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1156 West Cesar Chavez Austin, TX, 78703
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  • Pam Reed 22 days ago

    Fantastic service they provide. Wish we could have taken them all home, but we found our furbaby. Best place to get your pet.

  • al p. 69 days ago

    I went in completely clueless about the process until we met Emily. She made our experience some thing to remember. Thor is exactly what we wanted!

  • Evan Smith 89 days ago

    No kill shelter with a large number of human helpers on site. Great place to look at adopting an animal since they provide so much support post adoption. The cat room is pretty cool--you can walk into enclosures and get to know the animals you are looking at. The dog areas are all outdoors and is not exactly a calm area for the dogs, but that is hard to accomplish. If interested in a dog you have the option to take them for a walk or play with them in a penned in area.

  • LISA BEARD 110 days ago

    APA is an amazing organization. Everyone I encountered was not only very friendly but extremely knowledgeable on all dogs I was interested in. This should be the only rescue you get your fur babies from. Proud Momma of Autumn and Zorro

  • janey 278 days ago

    I have had couple of vastly uncomfortable experiences with this shelter. First of all, the cat room is pretty miserable; smells really bad and chemically and the lights are all fluorescent. The women working in the cat adoption room can be extremely rude and condescending. I admire their fiercely protective attitude because I know they get cats to good homes this way...however adopting a cat as a nineteen year old woman feels like an impossible task. I guess they didn't want me to adopt the first time I walked through the door because their vibe towards me was quite hostile. I think I'm pretty polite and experienced with cats (I've taken care of three foster cats and owned two cats that died of old age.) However, I felt slightly abused and stepped all over by these women. If they don't want me to adopt a cat just tell me the reason why upfront--don't let me bond with a kitten and then make me take a written test and if I get one question "wrong" (I said it was bad behaviour for a cat to bite and scratch and they were all like, "well she'll throw the cat in a river if it bites her, APPARENTLY") tell me I'm not fit to adopt a cat. Its sad and humiliating. When I tried to explain my complicated living situation (I live in my mom's old house, owned by my dad who doesn't live there as they were separated before she passed away) I stumbled a bit with my words and the lady said that my "story wasn't adding up" and I was being "inconsistent with my answers". I was aghast and totally offended. Adopting your first kitten should be a happy and non-stressful experience. Ladies, please change your rules or attitudes or something. I watched little kids adopt kitties right before me perfectly because they were accompanied by a parent but was treated like crap probably because you thought I was "unprepared to care for an animal." Not cool.

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