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Audio Nightclub

San Francisco, CA

(415) 481-0556

Closed now
316 11th St San Francisco, CA, 94103
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  • Sylvain Kalache 92 days ago

    TL;DR: Staff talked to us so rudely that it wasted our evening. Long version: Went there for the after new-year party. We brought a group and booked a table, we had a good time, the staff inside the club was great. We decided to head around 11:30PM out and went down to the ground floor. Because it was cold and some of us were lightly dressed, we were hanging inside waiting for cabs. At this point we were only 3 people, and the lobby we were in was empty. After several minutes, 2 people came in to buy tickets, at this point, the cashier lady started to yell at us that we had to move. Then the door lady picked up on it and told us very aggressively to “get out now!”, and kept repeating that with a very rude, aggressive tone, a threatening one. We were all shocked as we were getting out. I was looking at the door lady as I could not understand what happened, she told me “you can keep staring” and mumble something aggressive I could not get, with a very rude tone. You can be a good customer, leave a 3 digits bill in there, and still get talked at like a dog and get your evening trashed. Everybody was in a bad mood. I understand that staff may need to be firm with customers who over-drink or misbehave people but that was clearly not the case. That’s the last time we came.

  • Ericka Buyco 120 days ago

    Only come here to dance! Came to see Bondax last Saturday and it was a fun time. Lots of people dancing but it was not hard to get a drink at the bar. I could do without all the flashing lights though. Seizure!

  • Fernando G 162 days ago

    Funktion One sound system, the visual are amazing. really good place to hear your best Dj. Diversity of drinks. Enjoy the show with your friends.

  • ilya portnoy 1126 days ago

    Great dance club. Nice ambiance. Spectacular sound as the name suggests. Only lost a star because the bar tender was a bit rude. But it gets busy so it comes with the territory. You kind of expect that they'll be a bit high strung at 1am on a Friday night. Only thing that kept it from being a flawless experience.

  • Ryan Paredez 2016 days ago

    This place is cracking. I've been here a few times and have had a great time. Dance so hard it was like I jumped in a pool (because of the heat). Not sure if that was because it was so packed or purely because the DJ was crushing it and everyone was turning up. Looking forward to coming back and enjoying more great times with friends.

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